Full hormonal profile before and after TRT. 8+ years with propecia; 3y off

Hi everybody: I got my initial blood test results. The results are:

FSH: 1,98 mUI/ml
LH: 2,38 mUI/ml
Prolactine: 7,26 ng/ml.
Testosterone: 3,46 ng/ml.

(ELFA method for all of them)

Can anybody comment on this results?

As side effects, I suffer mainly from very bad erections, if any, of unsufficient quality to engage in sexual intercourse and general fatigue

The blood test was conducted in Spain. I am a Spaniard and doctors do not take this matter very seriously here. I appreciate if any Spaniard that is reading this post tells me a good doctor to go to.

Thanks everybody !


Post ranges for your blood tests so we can see where your results sit.

I can do a gym sessions at a 60% intensity of what i used to do. I am not energetic / motivated enough to carry out all normal daily activities, athough I can do 50% of them

Here they go:

FSH: 1,98 mUI/ml. reference value for men: 1,7 - 12 mUI/ml.

LH: 2,38 mUI/ml. reference value for men: 1,1 - 7,0 mUI/ml.

PROLACTINE: 7,26 ng/ml. ref. value in men: 1,5 - 19 ng/ml.

TESTOSTERONE: 3,46 ng/ml. ref. value: 3 - 10,6 ng/ml.

Hello everybody:

I am posting several analysis that I have made.

The first one, a blood test on 25 may 09, testing testosterone, prolactine, Lh and FSH

The second, a full hormonal profile (blood and 32 hr urine) on 29 july 09

The third one, another full hormonal profile (blood and 24 hr urine) on 11 august 09

I made two full hormonal profiles as I messed up with the number of urine samples in my first test (delivered a 32 hrs urine sample instead of a 24hrs one) and with the diet before the test (I ate some salty foods).

The third test is a blood test on 31 october 09, after 3 months of treatment with my antiaging doctor.

In summary, a number of deficiencies were detected in the first full hormonal profiles. This lead my doctor to prescribe me:

2,5 gr testogel 10% / day
Hidrocortisone, 30 mg / day
Thyroid Armour, 90 mg / day
DHEA, 25 mg / day
Melatonin: 0.05 mg before sleep
Zinc, Copper, Vitamine B, Vitamin E, Vitamin D, L carnitine, creatine and aminoacids to gain weight (optional), Melanotan II for ED (optional)

With the medication, I lost some weight and felt that my metabolism was faster, but brain fog and ED persisted, with a slight improvement of brain fog towards the end of the second month of testosterone treatment.

ED didn’t improve at all, although when I tried Melanotan II I had frequent and strong nocturnal erections, even 40 minutes after going to sleep. Before, I had nocturnal erections only 2 or 3 times per week;sometimes less. Melanotan II also helped with the strengh of erections when I was aroused, but it didn’t help with libido or with daily erections. However, Melanotan II brings about fatigue, so I had to stop injecting it.

On my follow-up consultation of november, we observed that Testosterone was too high and that Estradiol had rocketed up. I was on a high dose of testogel without any aromatase inhibitors! The doctor changed my medication and I am now on:

-1.5 gr testogel 10% daily
-70 mgr day Armour Thyroid
-25 mg day DHEA
-3 mgr day Prednisolone
-100 mgr day Pregnenelone (for memory and concentration)
-1/4 arimidex 5 times a week, to review in my next analysis according to my estradiol levels
-Andractin gel 2.5gr day (for gynecomastia)
-Melatonin, 0.05 - 1 mg / day
-same vitamins and L carnitine for weigh loss.
-Melanotan II optional, but injecting it seldom due to fatigue side effect
-Somatropine: 0.15 mgs / day. I was on the drug for 2 weeks on december, but quitted for holidays as the drug has to be kept cold and I was flying out of the UK. I have recently resumed taking it.

I have to test again soon, and will adjust arimidex accordingly.
Overall, I feel that I am considerably better in brain fog issues; sleep has improved, although it’s not perfect, and so has general energy. However, ED and libido is almost the same.

The doctor said that if after 2-3 months with the new treatment I didn’t improve, then “it was something else”, suggesting the problem wouldn’t be hormonal.

As I haven’t improved my Ed with the treatment, I will probably consult with other doctors and I am going to try masteron as well. I already injected 4 times with no improvements, but I was on arimidex and my masteron is an estrogen antagonist, so I might have taken my E2 too low. Will try masteron again for 3 weeks without arimidex and see what happens.

If anybody has any comments on my analysis, I appreciate it. I feel that I should have gone for Clomid / HCG before trying TRT, but my doctor doesn’t follow that protocol. Maybe I will try that in the future.
analisis 31oct09.pdf (188 KB)
analisis 11agosto09.pdf (226 KB)
analisis 29julio09.pdf (488 KB)
analisis 25mayo09.pdf (45.8 KB)

Whats your 3 Adiol G reading? Have you been reading posts on this messageboard regarding this?

My results are:

8.07 ng/mL range (3.4 - 22) on 27/07/2009 - before testogel treatment
9,95 ng/mL range (3.4 - 22) on 06/11/2009 - after almost 3 months of testogel treatment

I posted them here:
propeciahelp.com/forum/viewt … g&start=20


i had an old bloodtest by my previous doctor saying i was low on acetyl l carnitine and carnitine in general

i know that thierry hertoghe takes 4 grams of carnitine daily

my own doctor who has studied under hertoghe also recommends acetyl l carnitine and alpha lipoic acid for improving ED as mentioned in this link:


what dose do you take and how does it influence your ED?


I take 3 to 4.5 grs. of L-carnitine a day (not acetyl), and it has not improved my ED, but it seems to be good for weight loss and maybe to reduce fatigue.

okay was this on doctor’s advise?

how about trying alcar in combination with plcar and ala as said in that link perhaps that will help since they are better forms?

Yes, it was following my doctor’s indications.
I wish that our ED issues were solved as easily as mentioned in your post. I I am currently on a lot of medication and won’t add ala, although I might eventually try it as additional help.

yeah i wouldn’t mess with it

currently i FEEL that i have high e2, and KNOW it just not confirmed by a test yet

i don’t wanna screw up lab results so im taking vitamin V(iagra) in the meanwhile

it takes a lot of fine tuning pffff…

if after being on 1,5 grains armour and testosterone and my e2 dialed in, still no good wood, im going to try this:

iherb.com/Life-Enhancement-P … 11392?at=0

also perhaps resveratrol since there is good reviews about it (sustain alpha)

Interesting products; thanks for sharing! I might go hardcore with proviron / masteron with medical supervision.

How do you feel that your E2 is high?

okay good luck ill be following your progress closely then, please post updates

i had it as soon as i got my bloodtest one and a half year ago confirmed it, then later on confirmed twice by zrt labs

i feel more sweaty, anxiety, less able to sleep, severe brainfog and constipation, most important NO WOOD


How are you doing now? Are you getting any wood? Is the arimidex helping control Estrogen?

Hi. Don’t really know about estrogens, as I missed out on my control tests. Nevertheless, erections are 20% better. Will try to test next month and post results when available.

Good Stuff…hopefully next time around youll be 90% better… Let us know!

So here’s my update after changing doctor as my previous treatment was not delivering the results I expected:

Visited an endo in London and he asked me to quit cold turkey everything I was having (thyroid, testosterone, prednisolone, arimdidex…) and get tested again after 1 month. I did so and my testosterone came significantly low so he suggested 2 courses of action:

           1) Go back on TRT, which I rejected as it didn't bring much improvement
           2) Try that my body produce higher levels of testosterone again:  he prescribed me tamoxifen for that purpose and I will get tested after one month of using it. 

I do not have the results of the tests, but according to him, there were no other imbalances to correct. He strongly disapproved my previous taking of some of the other hormones I was having, claiming that it didn’t address the causes of any condition that I may have. In addition, he mentioned that my taking of prednisolone was not medically justified and it could have serious side-effects. He was quite dismissive of doctors practising a medicine based “on numbers” (hormones test-ranges).

Regarding finasteride, he seems to be aware of the internet hype going around its side-effects, but didn’t back them up or reject them. He did say that some of the major things that some Joe Blogs may have said about the drug would challenge all that we know about how the body works, but didn’t dismiss any of my complaints and was sympathetic and actively listening at all moment.

He said that my issues could be related to a malfunctioning of the pituitary, which may be working at 20 - 30%. He said that we will try that my body recovers with tamoxifen, but he pointed out that the whole pituitary hormone-secretion mechanism could have been damaged and that would be a reason for my abnormal testosterone levels.

When I said that I have had my testosterone levels raised to high values yet still suffer ED, he said that maybe I had become insensitive to my own hormones.

As for HGH, he said that there is an indisputable relationship between people having cancer and high levels of IFG-1, so he wouldn’t prescribe HGH unless a person would have a deficiency.

Regarding melanotan II, he mentioned that the reason that the FDA hadn’t approved it was that it raised blood pressure to unacceptable levels in some individuals.

Well, that’s all for now; I will start with tamoxifen soon and report the results after some weeks.

Good luck, guys!

yeah let us know as u progress.