Full body numbness and emotional numbness after crash! What happened?

No emotions and my body is numb

Overbthe pastbdays i have lost sensatio In my body. My clitoris is gone and with no good sensation. It shrunk In a day. It is now the same with my whole body. My whole body is numb and i struggle to feel it. My skin is numb and my insides Are numb. I Even have reduced pain. I cant Even feel anything going to the toilet

I cant respond to anything. No stimulus. It leaves me in this horrifying state.

I am physically and emotionally numb. I want to feel, but i cannot

I also have no emotions. I am not just empty, there is none. I am logically hear and want to respond, but i am trapped In my body. There is no response. My brain is not working.

I need some Relief. Is it safe to take a valium?

Anyone Else experience total loss of emotions and sensation and absolutely no connection to anything. Also extremely bad vision.

What caused this? What is happenign?

Can it Get better?

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I’m very sorry you are in such suffering. Can you please post a new member story?

I do have a memoet story, do i need to utdatert it? Shell i post the same post there?

Oh sorry my bad…

It’s very emotional for me how you have to suffer as such a young girl / woman!

Can it get better?
In some forums and private groups they talk about partielle and full recoveries with the time.

I’m PFS and in a totally anhedonic, helpless and disconnected from all state.

So you’re not alone in this days. That’s all I can give. I wish I could do more.

I cant feel emotion in my body, but i can feel it in my brain. I dont understand

I Feel like there is no connection between my head and my body. Like it has been severed! What is this? What is happening! HELP HELP i am trapped

My head cant feel emotions In my body and my body dies not hive a response it is dead there is no connection between brain and body

There is just no connection. I cant Feel love, joy, sadness, happiness, nostalgia, interest, motivation or anything. I even struggle to Feel negative empaions, and like i mentioned Sometimes i dont understand the feeling.

I used to be really emotional and could read people and situations in an instant.

Now i dont Feel connected to myself, places or other people.

I Feel like i exist in this strange limbo. I have no urges or wants. I am just empty and seem to be indifferent about most things. I dont get pleasure or joy out of anything.

Cannot recognize myself.

I dont have a spacemin my head either. It is empty inmy head there is nothing help help

Has Anyone else experience somthing similar? Is it possible to get my emotions and connection back?

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We had another Remeron casualty here a little while back who was in the same state you’re describing. He’d also taken it for sleep following a covid infection. I don’t know how it turned out for him but he was off the drug about eight or nine months at the time.

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I Feel like there ate two people in my head each ruling my body at the same time!

I also have no emotions and no connections!

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I have no emotions to guide me, and my Logic is gone! My head feels fried and i cant think

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