Frequent Urination

Hey Guys. Im sort of in a strange state of mind at the minute, panic, stress, confusion and worried all at the same time about the constant feeling of having to urinate since i took Finasteride for an extremely short period of time.

Long story short, in December 19th 07 I got a prescription for Proscar and only took the pills (1.25mg daily) for SIX days. On the fifth and sixth day i realised i was urinating a lot more than normal (sometimes 2/3 times an hour at its worst!) and immediately discontinued the drug. But i booked an appointment with my doctor on Christmas Eve and of course he tested me for a UTI but everything was clear, however he gave me antibiotics (which didnt help anything). A few days after Christmas i went through a bit of a personal crisis when my longterm relationship with girlfriend broke down, and within a few days my urination problems had all but dissappeared (maybe my mind just completely forgot about the urination problems?). Fast forward to mid January and after working out (for the first time in years) i felt a strain on both sides of my abdomen after pushing too hard, and thats when the urination frequency returned and is still with me today. I went back to my doctor and he ordered another urine sample test, and some blood tests - which came back clear and the doc said the bloods were perfectly normal (unsure of what specific blood test he did but i know it was something to do with the kidney and bladder).

Symptoms - Frequent Urination always during the day/evening (some good days, some bad, on a bad day its hourly, othertimes when i cut back on fluid i can hold off for 2-3 hours or even up to 5/6 hours), however i never woke up in the middle of the night needing to urinate. A feeling that urine is still in my penis after i urinate and i cannot shake out the last drops. A slightly sore penis tip (looks a bit red). Occasional testicle ache and perrinel (sp?) pain. I never had any pain while urinating, but occasionally have trouble starting especially if i attempt to urinate so soon after my last toilet trip.

Anyway last night i worried myself sick looking around the internet at prostrate problems when i came across a condition called Interstitial Cystitis and convinced myself that this disease is exactly what i have, despite the fact that i knew my problem started when i took this fucking drug. So just looking for some advice from people who may have had similar symptoms as myself becuase researching the internet and reading other peoples conditions who never took this drug can do wonders on the mind, infact i was panicking last night thinking i would have to deal with IC for the rest of my life. Im out of work at the minute so sitting on my ass all day does it no good whatsoever, i feel better when im not sitting down actually. The only thing im taking at the minute is Ibuprofen that my doc gave me for inflammation.

(btw i have absolutely no libido problem, although my semen is a bit more watery than it used to be, but still getting random erections which is great :smiley: )

Anyways great site guys, ANY help is appreciated.

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Dude, just be very conscious of what you put in your body for the time being until this condition goes away. It does, and will for many. But it is an inflamed prostate problem which just needs to be taken care of, so don’t eat too many processed sugary foods, lay off the coffee, beer, alcohol, cigarettes, and very spicey foods, or sweet drinks.
Try to stay within a comfort zone, wear loose fitting pants, and hopefully you can get your body to overcome this slight inflammation and stress within your lower abdomen, genitourinary track, and prostate.
You have to be very conscious of what you put in your body for the next few months at least.
I know it sucks a bit, but see it as a time, to work on your resume, get some rest, read books, keep to yourself for a while, whatever, but basically just resist the temptations by staying away from fast food joints, and out around bad foods.

For 6-8 months I just visited Whole Foods, and was home, or out around nature.

Western culture can be hard to cope with sometimes, but you just gotta do it for your longterm health so you’re not battling prostate problems for the rest of your life.

But again, most men get over their prostate problem, and most have faced one one time another over the course of their lives too, so dont panic. You will live, you just have to live through the pain, and really be mindful of this important lifestyle change until you are healed.

Good luck!

Considering Finasteride works by shrinking the prostate, it may take a few weeks/months for your prostate to “heal” even though you only took it for 6 days.

Eat a Prostate/Prostatitis healthy diet for now, and if you are really concerned, get a Prostatic Ultrasound to see what’s going on and a Prostatitis bacterial culture.

In time your issues should resolve.

thanks for the advice.

i noticed from my very brief research that saw palmetto helped out with frequent urination symptoms, would you recommend i try it out for a few weeks along with trying to eat a good diet or is it best to stay away from it?

Every Naturopath says it helps quite a bit. It did for me.

Its mechanism of action has never been reported to cause problems.

It is the best know aid for frequent urination symptoms, and doctors all across the globe from East to Western will tell you that.

Even though Saw Palmetto is a natural herb, it operates as a DHT blocker.

Thus you may potentially experience side effects as a result… just something to be aware of if you’re concerned about inhibiting DHT after Finasteride.

I dont think so Mew… Why do you try to scare everybody on this site? Dude, well you might as well stop using plastic then, or buying anything in plastic, because plastics contain estrogens, which leach into foods and drinks, hence the rise in cancer in modern day American society.

Dude, why try to freak people out.

I’ve read it can actually be good for sexual performance and maintenance.

I thought saw palmetto had similar sides to fin, so it’s no joke.

I’m not trying to scare anyone, because anyone can look up how Saw Palmetto operates and see for themselves that it affects DHT, albeit in a different way than Finasteride.

I’m just saying that is something to keep in mind, if one is concerned about DHT issues post-Finasteride, but individual experiences will vary.

BTW – here is one physician’s opinion on SP as it relates to prostate cancer (although he mentions its mechanisms of action, ie similar to Finasteride):

Those aren’t my words Boston, I’m just presenting additional info so one can make a well-rounded decision.

I’d have to agree with Mew here, i have used palmetto after quitting fin for a few months thinking it would be harmless but i had the same side effects if not worse.To tell you the truth i actually got chest enlargement/puffy nipples from passing on to saw palmetto.

I’m sure Mew doesn’t want to scare anyone here but puts all his good will for making sure that people dont complicate theire already difficult health situation.

I would reccomend youd think over before replying time to time.

hey guys, just a general question to those who suffered with frequent urination. Did you get occasional discomfort in your pelvic area while you were having these problems? Or a sensation of having urine at the bottom of your penis after you go to the toilet?

Im finding it hard to relax and get my head around this, and im really really worried it could be Interstitial Cystitis but the fact that this problem first started when i started proscar keeps me thinking maybe its not IC and is definitely a side effect of Proscar. Some days i feel like im spending my whole day going to the toilet and then other days i go 6 hours or so without needing to urinate, both days sticking to the same diet.

So basically how long did it take for the urination problems to go for those of you who had it? Is it not weird that my problems started, then disappeared for 3 weeks before starting again?

My doctor is convinced that i dont have IC, but instead either Proscar or my weight training injury affected my bladder but im not so sure

Took a number of months for me for the frequent urination to calm down.

Even now 28 months off, I don’t go as much but when I need to go, it feels more urgent.

Nonetheless, it seems with time many of the “issues” seem to lessen, but are nonetheless still present.

thanks for the quick reply!

i guess my mind is just racing at the thought that it is IC and i wouldnt be so stressed if i knew it was definitely due to taking proscar (and of course the more i worry, the more i need to go!). I initially thought i was the only one suffering from frequent (but painless) urination on this site so that made me more anxious that it could be something else but it eases my mind to know im not the only one and that it does get better. Its way too coincidental that i started this drug and shortly after had this issue, so i have to keep telling myself that when i worry about it being something else :smiley:

Yes irish, I’d have to say that probably a good 50% of us have all complained at one time or another about urinary symptoms, i.e. frequent urination or related, and yes, for many it has definately improved over time. Just stay on the right track man!

Hey irish08,

Did you still suffer from Frequent Urination ?

Anyone had any success treating frequent urination ?

I have improved in that department, after a water fast of about 25 days, it is more or less the only thing that has improved noticeably.

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I did a 14 day water fast but it didn’t cure my frequent urination problem.

I started seeing improvements after the twentieth day…

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Does anyone have the opposite problem. I used to have insane frequent urination and now it’s like I never urinate