Frequent Urination, Bladder won't Clear......Any Solutions?

Hey Guys,

Going on 12 years post Finesteride here…

Found some major joy on low dose TRT … 60 mg x 4 days. Unfortunately, Im not sure if it works long term, as I adjusted the dose higher 2 weeks after it really kicked in great, and it stopped working.

That aside, since Propecia (12 years ago), I get up 5-8 times a night to piss a thimble. Lots of urgency. Problems pissing tho. Weak stream. Have to push. Even then, my bladder won’t clear well. Causing major sleep issues.

Just saw an Homeopathic Doctor who recommended Saw Palmetto…same method of action as Propecia.

What other NON ANDROGENIC HERBS can help open urine flow???

Please help me out guys. Need a solution here.

Cialis has been proven to help BPH symptoms. Before taking it, search users reaction to it on here. From my own preliminary searches, it seems well tolerated.

As far as herbs, I’m not sure which ones may help. Kinda dangerous because they could inhibit 5ar.

I had urinary incontinence. Search pelvic release videos on YouTube or search the topic I made on the subject, it has the video.

Should be 30 minutes of exercise roughly. Do it a couple of times everyday


What are your E2 levels at? I had high E2 which enlarged my prostate but it didn’t affect my urination.

Before trying any supplements or drugs, take note of @lakehouse’s suggestion.


I’m curious. Are you saying that TRT helped? If so, in what way? Has it completely stopped working? Are you still taking it?

Did you have problems clearing the bladder (not being able to pee when u needed to)?

Or did you have a problem with leakage (peeing when u didn’t want to)?

It REALLY helped.

My boners were SUPER THICK. SUPER HARD. I could get them without any drugs. Women turned me on. My unit was swollen in my pants. Women gave me chubbys. I felt CONFIDENT around women, to the point where had I been given a BJ, I could have prolly cummed easily. IOW, I could have performed WITHOUT ANY DRUGS. The effects were BUILDING etc etc. It really WORKED

I kept records. It took about 50 - 65 to work at 60mg x 4 days TEST-E. Dosage has to be precise. Shot timing has to be precise. Like every 4 days at around the same time (dinner hour).

I have huge estrogen problems otherwise, which kills my dick and renders everything impotent.

Why did you stop?

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I didn’t. I was so excited and wanted MORE, so I boosted up to 50MG every 3 days (118mg a week). Tried that for 2 months. DIDNT WORK.

Estrogen/hot flashes way out of control. Thought they would stabilize but never did. So went back to 60mg x 4 days. Im on Day#37 now. By my log, 60mg x 4 days kicks in around Day#50-60. So I’ve got a couple more weeks of waiting.

i’m working with another guy off the boards who is coaching me. He discovered the 60mg x 4 day protocol.

The KEY KEY KEY KEY KEY is dosing has to be an equal day split and dosages EXACT and dosages in the LOW RANGE.

For instance, splitting dosages once every 3 days then 4 to make a 1 week dose split into 2 shots DOESNT WORK. For instance, if a guy is prescribed 100mg a week (good dose for PFS guys), taking the shot once every Monday and Thursday (3/4 day split)…DOES NOT WORK. It just creates pure estrogen flashes and shut down. No joy. DICK DEAD. Shots MUST BE ADMINISTERED on an equal schedule. Once every 4 days is good enough and works for me. And Im a non responder to most shit. Going on 12 years here .

  1. Dosages have to be AT THE SAME TIME. Say dinner hour. Every 4 days. If we’re doing Dinner Hour dosing, we can’t do the next shot at Breakfast, or 2 AM. There’s a small window here, and everything has to be consistent for it to work.

What happens otherwise? Hot flashes galore. Estrogen FLUCUATIONS GALORE.

Any type of estrogen fluctuation or high estrogen SHUTS OUR DICK DOWN. Period. End of story. I wasted 1.5 years on TRT doing a 3/4 day split on 100 mg a week and suffering HUGE HOT FLASHES AND NIGHT SWEATS, not understanding why my dick was dead!!

Third, TRT dose has to be low. If you’re doing over 120mg a week, your dick will die. Maybe it’ll be okay, but stay around 100-115 a week start with consistent dosing on a 4 day split. If it works at that level , with consistent dosing, it may work a bit higher for you. BUT START AT THE GROUND LEVEL so you know and have a baseline.

4th. All this shit takes at least 2 months of consistent dosing, exact dosing, exact shot timing, to kick in. So hurry up and wait.

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I’ll say this quickly. TRT doesn’t work for most guys here for the following reasons:

  1. They don’t evenly space shots (ex. every 4 days. every 5 days. They do a 3/4 week split which doesn’t work). Spikes estrogen which kills our dick. PFS guys are SUPER estrogen sensitive and any spike kills the dick and libido.

  2. They do TOO MUCH Testosterone. PFS guys only respond to standard, low dose T replacement (100-120 mg/week). Anything higher just shuts guys down. Check the boards and ask around. Many guys here including myself have all tried 150mg - 400mg a week. Doesn’t do jack shit. Im impotent on high levels of Test as are most guys here.

  3. They don’t wait long enough with EXACT DOSING, EXACT SHOT SPACING (ex every 4 days), on a standard LOW DOSE to feel the effects. IOW they give up after a month or 2, not realizing it takes at least 60 days before the effects will begin to show. At least for me.

That’s why I went nearly 18 months on Test replacement with NO EFFECT.

I either did too much (dose was too high). I was doing a 3/4 split (garbage…spikes estrogen)…and/or didnt wait long enough (jumped around from one dose to the next without giving each dosing protocol a good 3 months to kick in).

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BTW, my urination is improving a bit. Clearing better. Stronger stream. Better flow. Not 100%. Prior I was about a 10-30% flow rate. Now I feel like Im a 40-60% flow rate.

This happened the same way before a few months back. Whenever I bridge or change TEST dosages, or miss shots, or do too much Testosterone, my estrogen spikes and flucuates. Whenever my estrogen spikes and flucuates, pissing becomes hard. Like Im pissing through a thimble.

As time goes on, WITH A CONSISTENT LOW DOSE TEST protocol, my pissing improves. It did last time before I got horny and the T kicked in.

My hormone Doc told me estrogen normalizes over time with T therapy. Just have to wait it out.

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Do you suffer from any mental symptoms unrelated to libido such as emotional blunting and anhedonia? If so, did the TRT cause these to improve to any degree?

Clearing bladder problem

Yes to emotional blunting and anhedonia. Unsure if TRT helped. To be honest it should. Were all depressed and feeling low with a dead dick and dead prospects for the future. So I’m sure if my dick stayed in the zone was I would be much happier. I was pretty excited about feeling better when I stupidly jumped up to 50mg every 3 days

Thank you sir!! Will check out ur kind blog on YouTube and start with the exercises !!!

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tumbleweeds, when you get a little further into TRT, would you consider making a thread just for that and what is working for you?

I’ve had these symptoms now for over a decade, i’ve tried just about every non-TRT approach and gotten nowhere.

I’m scared to death to try TRT, but i’m at the point now where it might be the only thing that actually works.

Heres a dumb question (i know almost nothing of how TRT works), does 60mg every 4 days shut down your natural production? is it lifelong? i would imagine yes, but i dont know.

Do you cycle it? use anything else like HCG or an AA?

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Sure, I’ll do that.

Don’t be scared. Just get on it. I was scared too. Wasted 5 years trying herbal BS which doesn’t work. Check the research papers. Propecia methylated our mitochondrial DNA in brain cells which caused a cascade of changes in receptor and neurotransmitter/steroid expression. Which causes other downstream changes etc etc.

My natural production is low after Propecia. Thats common for most guys. No, Testosterone doesn’t shrivel the balls. Mine are about 20% smaller, cosmetically. If I chose to go off Testosterone, my balls would still work at post-propecia levels (Im score about a 9-12 T level on a 7-37 range). So I’d go back to my post propecia baseline of about 9-12 T level.

Yes TRT is lifelong. No, I will never go off. Even if my dick never works again and this attempt at TRT fails for whatever reason, I’ll stay on TRT because my testosterone is low and will always be low. I need Testosterone to sleep. Propecia completely fucked up my sleep and Im a super light sleeper now. So without Testosterone, I wake up 15-20 times a night. On Testosterone, I wake up 5-7 times a night. For sleep alone, I’ll always be on Testosterone.

No, I don’t cycle Testosterone. Im always on. My Doc had prescribed me HCG in addition to Testosterone, but its way too much Estrogen. Im in a group with offline guys who have PFS. HCG plus Testosterone generally creates too much estrogen. PFS guys are super estrogen sensitive.

If you want, you can take HCG alone. Or T alone. But T is generally better. I would get over the phobia of taking Testosterone Depot. You dont want to waste anymore time.

Yes, my Doc prescribed me ADEX, but I only use it for bridging from one dose to another (for example, from 60mg x 4 days, to 50mg every 3 days…) or when I miss a shot. Then my estrogen goes out of whack and I get serious hot flashes. Like soak the bed sheets , soak my clothes hot flashes. The ADEX is only use temporarily.

Too low estrogen causes premature ejaculation and kills libido. Too high estrogen kills the dick, as well. Also, any type of estrogen flucuation will kill ur dick as well. This is what my group has noticed.

This is why shot time, spacing, dosage, has to be exact. Otherwise, estrogen gets out of whack quick and kills the dick and libido.

Get a doctor, get a script, and get on T depot. You’ve wasted enough time. My GP wanted to put me on Test depot at 35 but I felt exactly as you did. Too scared. Scared it was for life. Dude, its for life.

Check the studies. Our mitochondrial DNA has been methylated. The odd guy gets better by a fecal transplant, or going to bed at 6pm every day, or drinking 5 gallons of beat juice a week. But these recovery stories simply arent replicated well at all. Else it would be all over the boards. Some guys simply just recover. Many don’t.

Also Google studies on Low Testosterone and early all-cause mortality. Men who have Low Testosterone die earlier then men with normal and higher levels of Testosterone. Scientists dont know why, but large meta-analysis studies have shown this. Ill tell you why. How do you feel right now? How did I feel when I was waking up 20 times a night? How is ur zest and zeal for life? In the shitter right. That’s why men die with low testosterone. Because life is shit and they feel like shit and it simply grinds them down over time. Life becomes a drag. Im sure Low T has major biological implications over time as well.

BTW, my piss stream has improved since a few days ago. My piss stream is all correlated to estrogen flucuations. The longer I go on a consistent dose of Testosterone, the more my body acclimates to the new estrogen level, and for whatever reason, it opens up the urinary tract/ prostate area and becomes easier to piss. My hormone Doc told me the same - the body will naturally calibrate to the new estrogen levels when on TRT, but it takes time and consistency. IOW, wait it out. Today is Day#42 here at 60mg x 4 days protocol.

The more my T flucuates with changing protocols, the more it throws my estrogen off and for some reason, the harder it becomes to piss. Does something to the prostate or urinary tract or something.

Im expecting Testosterone/Libido/Boner benefits to kick in around Day#56-60, as thats when it kicked in before, back in May.

Will keep this updated.

Lots of nocturnal erections and need-to-piss erections at night…