Found a PFS doctor

Hey everyone. I’m living in Denmark, and haven’t been able to find a doctor on the issue of PFS. However I found one abroad (in the EU), and he have had patients dealing with PFS. He sent me a list of blood tests to do, and will do a video consultation once the results are in.

I have no idea what this will bring, but hope is everything. I thought you would like to know.


Would be great to know your experience mario. I am pretty new onthe medical side of PFS, but I already noticed PFS is hardly known by doctors…

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who is he ?

I am trying not to tell too much at this moment, as I am waiting for what he says/can do. If things are succesfull, I will definitely mention the doctor here.

I will not eat your doctor. I just wondered

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Haha, Ispanyadan bir doktor. Oneri vermek istemiyorum, belki faydasi olmaz ve baskalarini ayni duruma dusurmek istemem.

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even if it does not work for you, it may be useful for others.

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The doctor is however mainly on the issue of PSF, not anything else. As I know, you are not suffering from PSF as you haven’t been on Finasteride?

I just wondered. how much you have been tampered with. don’t say if you don’t say

Your attitude isn’t nice. If you want to find a doctor, there’s a list on the PSF foundation website. There’s one in Istanbul as well.

I live in the EU as well and I’m thinking of approaching Dr. Andrew Rynne in Ireland. He seems to have a a fair bit of experience if I go by his public statements (“seen dozens and dozens of PFS patients”, “8 cases right now”, “dealing with PFS every week” among my patients).

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he is not a doctor. only a cosmetologist and hair transplantation. I emailed him denied pfs

Update: I finally approached a doctor in Denmark who agreed that finasteride could be the cause of my symptoms due to hormonal imbalance. He also suggested more blood tests and that I should stop all medication. This is relieving.

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Hey Mario, I’m in the same shitty situation. Same country. Please report back to us what he suggests and if it makes any damn difference.

Regards, Never

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