Forward or backward - change your mind

Guys, I have an unrealistic and crazy idea. Maybe we’ve been wrong. We’ve been thinking about how to “cure” PFS. This includes two hidden conditions, that is, to cure PFS under the existing medical level and medical understanding. This is the reason why we face many obstacles.
Why don’t we change our mind? If we turn our attention to time travel or “wormhole theory” and run forward or backward for hundreds or even tens of thousands of years, what else does Merck’s shit have to do with us?
This sounds absolutely crazy, but we are subjected to absolutely crazy abuse. Is there anything easier to solve our problems once and for all?
Should we ask an astrophysicist?:joy: :joy:

You are a funny guy… I cant laughing, sorry… Our lifes are over. Its not so funny for me.


So what you’re asking is… if we had time travel, would you go forward to a time where we have the cure, or backwards to a time before you took the drug?

I think I’d opt for forward… that way there’s the added benefit of not having my news feed clogged by stories about NFTs. :joy:


Backwards and never take the drug plus you would get all those years lost back…And look at other genetic diseases like SBMA that are already modeled…There may never be a “cure” in the future…

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Sorry, I’m a little “crash” today. The Academy of Sciences of Chinese Medical College sent a questionnaire to PFS patients in China today. As a result, only 15 of the 38 patients filled in the questionnaire. When we asked one of them why he didn’t fill in the questionnaire, his answer was “afraid of revealing personal privacy”


Interesting! Is there any information about this online?

:Philadelphia Experiment

Just strap a bunch of rockets to the ground pointed east. Surely, this will make the Earth spin the other way around, thereby reversing time. :nerd_face::face_with_monocle: