For those with mental side effects, do you think we are less intelligent now?

As the title says, do you think you are less intelligent after the effects of the drug?
Note that i’m not talking about emotional intelligence or anything like that, of course i’m aware it can be a tricky question since intelligence can be interpreted and measured in many ways, so i’ll put it in the following way: if you were to take an IQ test now, do you think you would get a lower score than before having taken the drug?
As for myself, I definively feel less focused and more forgetful, but less intelligent? Not sure about it, i’m as good in math as always (not to say that I was ever that good at it, but I don’t have more problems with that than always), and i’m very spontaneus still, just a slight difficulty choosing words and saying what I think. Of course, I mean when you are not suffering from some sort of brain fog or mental block.


Definitely not less intelligent, for me personally. It’s just harder to call upon that intelligence on an hour-to-hour basis.

When I feel ok, I make the most of it and get as much done as possible. When I feel like shit, I take it easy.

Everyone is different though and for those with severe neurological symptoms I’m sure it can often feel like you’ve lost a step.


Exactly that! I don’t know if I am "less intelligent " but I certainly have problems expressing myself. More than ever, brain fog leaves me feeling like a dummy.

"Short-term memory loss, confusion and difficulty concentrating are all (symptoms of) “brain fog” ". Yes, that’s me. Jim


I doubt it’s direct decrease of intelligence. But confusion, mental fatigue, difficulty concentrating all alone make harder to perform various intellectual tasks.

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