For those who went to Baylor

Anyone get their genetic test back?

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Khera must have some results. I’ll call and ask on Monday. And nice of them to send me a bill for an office visit on top of everything else. I told them I came for study results. Once you provide, I’ll pay

Yeah 8 months later I get a bill… for a study.

Amazing this drug has virtually killed us. Now we have to bankrupt ourselves for any chance at medical help.

You would think that since two of the men who took part in this very study are now dead he might try to put a burner on it. Anyway he told me he’d have genetic results in 6-8 weeks… said that in Jan

Who died? How?

I haven’t received any bill and currently don’t expect to as the foundation provided funding. I have only recently taken part so no genetic results yet. I will email Dr Khera in a couple of months. I thought only one of the participants died. Who was the second guy…

It really doesn’t matter who it was, just that it was someone who did the study… which is suppose to be anonymous… bunch of nosey people on here, and no telling whose allegiances lie elsewhere so I am not going to get specific.

I just wanted to know if he was a member and if it was suicide. Shit, I’m having such a bad day. I don’t know how much longer I can take this.

No need to be so smart BP… you are the one who is speaking about it on a public forum … Either way it is terrible to hear about this … 25 participants and two have died . I’m sure there are many others. . Let’s keep this fight going . The foundation has only been around a few years and they have made great progress in that short time. We will get some answers but it is going to take time . Keep participating everyone. …

Baylor release the fucking study! Does anyone know if this were to take place outside of the United States a study like this would have to go through the same bullshit publishing process? Sad to see this post is 5 years old

5 to 6 weeks lol…next year…its finished…in peer review…Khera has told about 10 different stories concerning this study it’s all over this forum in black and white…Imo he should be sued…


About baylor you can forget. Forever.

Yeah it makes no damn sense either give back the foundation the money back or they need to pursue legal action and get compensated, to many men are committing suicide from this horrid condition we can’t wait around like this!


Out of curiosity, what are his ten stories? Or at least, what is their current justification for not releasing the study?

Sounds like someone should talk to a lawyer, especially if they are billing patients for the study.

He told several here it would be out on 2015…he would know something…then above he told patients it would be weeks…Then he told about 3 years ago to patient in person it was submitted and would come out in 2018…Then he told another patient here it was gonna publish tyt he 1st quarter of 2019…Then he told another ot was submitted but only the first part that there would be a second part to the study and it would publish about a year or so after the first part…So you tell me? Unless the patient’s are lying here then I see no reason to believe anything he has said…

Use th are simple search function with Baylor khera and u will see multiple threads about what hd told some in person and some even by email in writing that it was publishing in a few months.


That’s terrible.

I don’t know anything about the world of scientific publishing, but it sounds like there should be some contractual agreement where they must release all the raw data after a set period of time regardless of whether it’s published by a journal.