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You who have PFS for a longer time, did your skin become oily again or did you sweat normally again?

My skin is still really dry, but I’ve been sweating a bit more in the last year or so. It could be because I’m able to work out a little harder, or it could be because my skin has actually changed somehow.

did you lose muscle mass? did you get weak after the crash? I always did physical activity and after the crash I lost my strength. how long after the crash were you able to do physical activity again?

Same here…I stopped sweating initially but after 11 months back to what seems like normal sweating. Skin is still dry and pallid, wrinkly and scaly.

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I definitely felt a lot weaker after the crash, and since I got sick, I’ve been feeling as if I can’t really “mobilize” my muscles.

I was able to exercise pretty quickly after stopping the drug, but I was mostly doing cardio. Cardio seemed to help with brain a little bit, so I would often go running before work meetings just to be able to think and pay attention.

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It’s been 2 months since I had the crash and I don’t feel well after doing physical activity, because I don’t have the strength. I still have body aches in random places. Did you feel it at some point? After the crash, I was heavily affected by physical symptoms. I see little talk about it on the forum.

Don’t make any big conclusions. Still very early.

I’m over 10 years off now and it maybe took a year but yes I’m sweating and oily like I once was. Daily physical activity and fresh air was super important early on even though it was really hard to get motivated to do it.