For people taking cortef (hydrocortisone) and NDT


What final dosing did you stick with?

I slowly ramped up my NDT over a few months and was sitting pretty at 3.5 grains of NatureThroid (NDT) and 30mg of HC for a while.

The last 2 weeks I have had to ramp them up again and am at 4.5grains of NDT and up to 40mg of HC. It feel like I need to ramp the NDT up again.

Just curious how much NDT and HC others are working with. Part of me keep thinking I will need to settle around 5 or 5.5grains of NDT and maybe drop HC by 5mg. Still troubleshooting this…


U sure u can convert t4 to t3 well?

I needed 32.5mg HC. This made me feel Spaced out however. Once i added 25mcg t3 i felt great. I tried ndt in the past and didn’t feel well i think t4 isn’t good for me


Seems like a lot. I’m currently on 3.75mg of hydrocortisone and 30mg armour thyroid. That’s all I can handle right now. Might try to ramp up slowly when I feel like things have stabilized.


bumping this thread
i know moonman1 recovered everything except sexual side effects!
anyone else with hydrocortisone experience?