foods with high estrogen

hey guys, heres a list of foods that are high in estrogen,probably a good idea to avoid them.I could also list the foods that block estrogen if anyone is interested.

Table 1. Foods high in phytoestrogen content.

Phytoestrogen food sources Phytoestrogen content (µg/100g)
Flax seed 379380
Soy beans 103920
Tofu 27150.1
Soy yogurt 10275
Sesame seed 8008.1
Flax bread 7540
Multigrain bread 4798.7
Soy milk 2957.2
Hummus 993
Garlic 603.6
Mung bean sprouts 495.1
Dried apricots 444.5
Alfalfa sprouts 441.4
Dried dates 329.5
Sunflower seed 216
Chestnuts 210.2
Olive oil 180.7
Almonds 131.1
Green bean 105.8
Peanuts 34.5
Onion 32
Blueberry 17.5
Corn 9
Coffee, regular 6.3
Watermelon 2.9
Milk, cow 1.2

Table 2. Total phytoestrogen and lignan content in vegetables, fruits, nuts and drinks.

Food items Lignan content (µg/100g) Total phytoestrogen (µg/100g)
Soy bean sprouts 2.2 789.6
Garlic 583.2 603.6
Winter squash 113.3 113.7
Green beans 66.8 105.8
Collards 97.8 101.3
Broccoli 93.9 94.1
Cabbage 79.1 80
Dried prunes 177.5
Peaches 61.8
Strawberry 48.9
Raspberry 37.7
Watermelon 2.9
Nuts and other legume seeds
Pistachios 198.9
Chestnuts 186.6
Walnuts 85.7
Cashews 99.4
Hazel nuts 77.1
Lentils 26.6
Wine, red 37.3
Tea, green 12
Wine, white 8
Tea, black 8.1
Coffee, decaf 4.8
Beer 1.1
Black bean souce 10.5
Black licorice 415
Bread, rye 142.9

do you have a source buddy?

i thought garlic was good for test levels?

I can see avoiding some foods like soy products, which I have cut out since it’s too risky. However, why is milk on the list, the content looks low. Also, we are all aware of low T levels and the risk of bone loss. Milk is one of the best sources of calcium & vit D which we know is critical for our bones.

Thanks for posting the list. I’m skeptical about removing some of the others from my diet too like all of the nuts which many proven health benefits for men.

Milk is for baby cows. It has no place in the human diet. Your better off getting your Vit D from greens and sunlight. That’s where the cow gets hers.

I totally agree,humans are not suppost to drink cow milk. This is why over a billion people are lactose intolerant. the milk we consume here in the u.s is full of hormones,because the cows are being mostly milked during pregnacy which means all those estogen hormones are going to the milk.I actually believe that amount is ten times higher in america.

yup, just open up any breast cancer guide. this will show you which high estrogen foods to avoid.

I wasn’t drinking cow’s milk at all until I found out how low my vit D was low. Well regarding getting sun light it’s pretty dam hard to do when go to work at 8:00, get home at 5:00 and the sun is down already.

Are you seriously thinking about eliminating all of the foods on that list? What will you eat chicken and water?

i’m pretty sure you’ll find chicken meat has hormones added to it…

better just stick to the water.

Seriously though, i think you have to find a realistic balance. alot of those foods are really good for your general wellbeing and i think any mild estrogenic effects would be outweighed by the vitamins and fibre that they give you. don’t get me wrong, obviously soy and flax seed products are out of the question, but no way i’m gonna give up nuts and green vegetables.

the amount in nuts and green vegetables seems trivial compared to flax and soy

even garlic is neglible because you would use only a small amount say 5g, whereas if you ate a bowl of soybeans that would be around a 200g serving.

I was doing some reading and it seems that all estrogenic foods are not created equal. I’ve come across a few instances on the web where they have described flax seed as beneficial in fighting excess estrogen. It seems, that flax seed may in fact but bind to estrogen receptors but without exerting estrogenic effects. This is one website but i will try to find a proper study when i have time:

When referring to phytoestrogens, it is generally thought that a “weak” estrogen may actually be protective against cancer causing xenoestrogens. The best example is Lilian Thompson PhD’s work that showed that oral ground flax seed reduced breast cancer size between the time of diagnosis and surgery. The phytoestrogen contained in the flax seed binds to the estrogen receptor, but does not stimulate it. The flax seed phytoestrogen competes with other estrogens that would otherwise stimulate the estrogen receptor. The flax seed phytoestrogen acts as a blocker. In contrast, a strong phytoestrogen may actually make the disease worse.

So it’s possible that flax may in fact be beneficial, i’ll need to read more into it though.