Food/supplements/drugs to avoid worseing of symptoms?

Hi there guys, I think I’ve battled the worst of PFS and was wondering what I should avoid in order to avoid a potential worsening of symptoms. Generally I only take sleeping pills some nights and have a pretty lax diet. Thanks guys.

I implore you avoid the following: saw palmetto (obviously), acai, stinging nettle, spurge nettle, fenugreek, milk thistle, lobelia, and probably other things I cannot think of or aren’t aware of.

Are any of these found in certain foods? thanks

Olvídese de los suplementos y hierbas , son solo placebo para pfs , no crea en las recuperaciones que dicen haber sido por hierbas


There are a lot of things that people have reactions to that others don’t.

The quickest way to get a list of things to avoid is to avoid anything that is said to help with hairloss. In general, anything anti androgenic has the potential to cause you problems.

I avoid all mushrooms, soy, liquorice - which can be found in tea. I know people who have crashed from tofu and mushrooms (different people, different meals!)

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Así es , pero hay muchos grupos de pfs que gente que cree que la dieta , las hierbas y suplementos funcionan , nada de eso sirve , se llama efecto nocebo , las recuperaciones aquí con hierbas y suplementos son trolls , no crean en eso

Hola Eduardi, creo que no leíste bien el post original, él no quiere saber acerca de posibles dietas para mejorar su condición, solo pregunta por alimentos específicos que puedan empeorar sus síntomas (los cuales existen y en mi opinión deberían estar enlistados en un post pinneado).

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