Fluvoxamine to increase neuroactive steroids?

I have just been prescribed Fluoxetine. My anxiety is out of control- I had anxiety before Propecia but it has reached new heights.

Friend 5htp.

Any update on the low dose Prozac?

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I tried low, sub milligram dosing of prozac when I first withdrew from fin. It felt like that warmth and relaxing calm that wraps over you that you get from taking an SSRI but it comes on almost immediately. It felt kind of motivating, too.

Sadly, it didnt help at all with the insomnia though, my main symptom. I only did it 3 times as Ive read that inducing 3a HSD is antiandrogenic and inhibits 5ar. I wouldn’t do it again as I wonder if it had made things worse.

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Where did you read that?

Friends. Im a Old Friend, but i leave the fóruns in 2015! Im suffering persistent PFS since 2014! I found a treatment that works for me 2 months ago from one friend in Barcelona. Its illegal in some places cause if u take wrong dosage and mix with álcool, it can kills. Believe me, its 100% cure, very very hard dick and very horny!!! but it didnt cure me forever, its for days, than I need to take it again! I’m from Brazil.

Its nothing more than the synthetic GABA, the drug name is GHB, or GBL!

I take 1 ML with a juice + Cialis and it’s done!

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So are you consistently taking GHB since you said it won’t be a forever cure?


Yes, always when I want to have amazing libido and Sex! The effects are amazing for me! I become healthy again!

I guess it’s more of a treatment then a cure as you still have to take it to get the effect. Did you also suffer from numbness and shrinkage? I do agree though about the GABA issue we have, I’ve gotten some decent mini recoveries using Taurine every now and then.

Yes. My first symptom was the shrinkage, than I start to search the reason, and found the Finasterida!

It’s ruined my life, almost 6 years ago!

@Amazon, just a reminder to not describe something as a universal cure for everyone because it worked for you.

I used the same treatment for a few months many years ago and did notice some better libido and erections, and stronger emotions while under the effect. The effect didn’t last days for me though, only hours. And the anxiety for a few hours after the effect wore off was bad.

It’s good you found some relief.

There were a few members in the past who tried it with varying results:


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SSRIs and SNRIs made my PFS and PIsoS worse! My doc says to stay away from them.
I have read that fluvoxamine is one of the few SSRIs to act also at the Sigma receptor, and that receptor has something to do with cognition. I don’t think I will try it!

Like all SSRI’s can cause PSSD and potentially worsen a lot the symptoms of People with PFS.

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They could potentially make them better too. You dont know.

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I tried it and no luck. SSRI will cause significant sexual side effects.

How long did you try it for? What dose? Do you have other side effects SSRIs possibly could have helped?

I had to take fluoxetine for depression and took the med for years. It helped with the depression but my symptoms didn’t improve until I started TRT. Also, the med will give you sexual side effects which add insult to injury. I’m not saying don’t take the SSRI, but keep in mind of the potential side effects.

While at my worst I cracked and tried Prozac in liquid form in to micro dose to attempt boosting allopgregnelon from other posts here and within a few days i had to force
myself to look at porn and i didn’t find that arousing which was really crazy for me in a very bad way. And I started not being able to form sentences and felt like a zombie. I was able to break past the side effects as they got so bad I couldn’t function so I stopped. I wish they had worked for me , I wish something would.

What did you feel?