Fluid Retention

Hey guys,

This is probably my most severe symptom, in addition to complete loss of collagen of my skin. I am accumulating fluid inside my thighs and my arms. They both have a swollen look, and when I grab them it’s just mushy, like if you would grab a woman. But when I try and exercise or my body heats up, my limbs still have a clammy, cold, dead touch to them. Has anyone else experienced this? Very similar to what Holyhead has described. It’s like a puffy, swollen, fluid buildup all around your body…it is really horrific and I’m pretty scared.

Have you got your kidneys checked?
I’d personally stay away from the gym I worked out and my muscles started turning to mush.

I haven’t, I’m gonna request that and a full thyroid panel when I talk to Dr. Jacobs. I’m just doing body weight things right now, It doesn’t have an effect. My muscles just burn inside.

I’d get your heart and kidneys checked ASAP just to be on the safe side. I have read that estrogen build up can cause fluid retention in the stomach and guess in other parts of the body too.

My estrogen is perfect and have gained 110lbs…I made a post here that finastride was causing kidney damage but I don’t know a way to get it check…I could go back to the urologist but I figure its a waste of time like everything else…

In our investigation, we observed that long-lasting (3–4 months) finasteride treatment of adult male rats caused a decline in sex hormone levels, firstly with DHT, then also T and E2, although the level of estradiol did not change statistically significantly. These results are inconsistent with those presented in the available literature. The website of Archived Drug Label [50] states that, after the finasteride administration, “mean circulating levels of testosterone and estradiol were increased by approximately 15%,” which is consistent with the research [51,52]. Moreover, the level of E2 increase is probably due to the aromatization of bioavailable T. On the other hand, Antus et al. [15] did not observe that finasteride treatment significantly influenced serum testosterone levels. These discrepancies in all the aforementioned results may be due to the dose and the length of finasteride administration; for example, Antus et al. [15] used doses of 25 mg of finasteride/kg bw every second day over 20 weeks, and animals after kidney transplantation were also given the antibiotics and immunosuppressive drugs.

Because finasteride affects the hormonal homeostasis, it could be compared to endocrine disrupting chemicals (EDC) with estrogenic/antiandrogenic activity. Antus et al. [15] showed that finasteride and flutamide (nonsteroidal antiandrogen, the antagonist of the androgen receptor) acted as EDC and improved long-term allograft outcome after kidney transplantation. Thus, the physiology of kidney is mediated by androgen receptors (AR) localized in the cells of most parts of the nephron. In the cortex of the kidney, AR is located in various structures, predominantly in proximal and distal convoluted tubules (PCT and DCT) and shows focal expression in the parietal layer of Bowman’s capsule [

  1. Conclusions

    The finasteride treatment of adult male rats led to a decrease in androgen receptor expression and its cellular translocation within the kidney cortex.

    The pathomorphological changes (glomerulosclerosis, tubulosclerosis, dysplastic glomeruli, and tubules with lumen dilatation) in rats’ kidneys with disturbed steroid hormone imbalance were associated with the diminished expression of intracellular junctional proteins.

    The changed apoptotic/proliferating ratio of nephron cells and the increase in the numberof lymphocytes in the area of pathologically altered convoluted tubules were accompaniedby impaired androgen/estrogen homeostasis…

The rubbery fat that my skin has turned into, when you pinch it, there’s like little lumps underneath the skin, It’s like a coating of rubbery, fat fluid between the muscle and the skin, and it has a very puffy appearance. When you squeeze it, you can feel the lumps… I’m gonna make another video on this.

I also have a knobbed foam roller shipping. I’m going to start spending about 5-10 minutes doing that every day across my body. Maybe i’ll see some improvement

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I understand there is probably alteration to genes or receptors here, and honestly man I’ve read most of your posts and I would say your symptoms are definitely among the most severe on this forum. Brain fog, numb dick, muscle loss, nothing has shit on gaining 100 lbs and there isn’t a damn thing you can do about it. Saying that, I don’t believe you have once touched on any kinds of diets or regimens you were following. I’ve seen you say that you were a runner prior and kept a food journal. What about the 4 years of battling this shit? Besides the hormone drugs, have you had noticeable reactions to foods? Have you tried an anti-inflammatory approach coupled with body weight exercises? I’m not attacking you here, because it seems that, unfortunately, I am in a very similar boat as you man. Again, I fully believe these changes are not correlated with calorie intake and expenditure, as the body is simply not operating under the same circumstances. But have you at least tried to slow the pace?

I have the exact same lumps that you describe, plus they are itchy and painful. Can you tell me your current situation of these lumps.

Hey man,

They are like small, rubbery, elastic lumps under my skin, on top of my muscles. They have been there ever since I had all the skin and muscle changes. My brain has gotten used to all of this a lot more, so I am not in a constant state of freaking out. But my skin and those lumps remain about the same. They are not painful and they don’t itch.

Has your doctor examined the lumps @Dknighten? Could they be cysts?

I haven’t had them examined. Over the summer, I went to an endocrinologist and was examined, but she didn’t see anything overly concerning, besides the elasticity of my skin. She ended up just recommending either Clomid or TRT. lol. Nothing they can do about any of it.

I think it’s definitely fluid. I’ve been on the fence whether it’s actual fat gain but I think it’s fluid, as my body holds indentions literally all over if anything presses on it. The circulation/feeling in my limbs is horrible (freezing all the time) and my muscles are completely off. They even softened. All of it has been gradual. I get labs drawn in the morning for full thyroid panel, DHT, and sex hormones… my kidney and liver exams look normal, magnesium looks normal, urine analysis looked normal. I’m really heartbroken over all of this. I’m taking a medical leave from PT school to go try and figure something out.

It just continues to get worse. My arms, thighs, and ass are the biggest they’ve ever been but it’s not muscle. It’s expanding fluid underneath the skin, like the entire body is swelling.

didnt consider the fluid thing but yes it seems to be the case. puffy loose skin with fluid underneath. maybe we can get drained lol. my body looks like total shit. would sweating it out help? like in a sauna? idk how the fuck this happened but it didnt get bad until i stopped ashwaganda. which either caused this (or sped up the deterioration) or was helping mask it.
its worse than ever for me now too. i think its our mutated collagen not being tight enough and whatever fuvkn fluid being able to flow freely between our mush skin and muscles. i cant even see my ribs/abs/pecs anymore. and its really pooling in my abdomen. im just a pile of puffy dough

Same song here. I have developing facial puffiness and abdomins are collecting something like fluid or fat. I dont notice them on legs or arms yet. In addition I have recently sometimes burning sensation on skin and cold attacks, flu-like symptoms a bit.