Flaccid/Rubbery Penis

Hello all,

My Story is I took an oral pill twice in two days, started to feel the side effects and stopped (this was about 1.5 months ago). The side effects seized after a few days. I then, stupidly enough, tried topical finasteride (.25%) concentration, prescribed by a doctor. I applied 30 drops on my head, which I was supposed to do twice a day. I did this once (30 drops) and almost immediately started feeling side effects much worse than the oral pill. I had insomnia, heavy eyes, brain fog, ED. Its been three days all of the side effects seem to have gone away except my ED. I am able to masturbate, but its quite difficult to do so. Semen feels less than normal, and erection is certainly not as hard as it would be before. Now I know PFS has to be over a long period of time, so I certainly know it’s only been 3 days. My main question is do you think I can recover? What can help me recover if anything?

Thanks guys

If i were you, i would do a waterfast right now. Best thing you can do in this early stages in my opinion. Don’t fap, just wait 5 days fasting. Search some topics here about it. (Im not an expert)

Ok thanks Ill look up some info on waterfasting and start right away, and dont masturbate at all?

There is little evidence that a water fast will do anything other then make you tired and weak. I would personally caution against it.


Just do nothing first few weeks beacuse youre probably be ok. I guess Fasting cant make you worse so just don panic

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