Flaccid/Rubbery Penis

Hello all,

My Story is I took an oral pill twice in two days, started to feel the side effects and stopped (this was about 1.5 months ago). The side effects seized after a few days. I then, stupidly enough, tried topical finasteride (.25%) concentration, prescribed by a doctor. I applied 30 drops on my head, which I was supposed to do twice a day. I did this once (30 drops) and almost immediately started feeling side effects much worse than the oral pill. I had insomnia, heavy eyes, brain fog, ED. Its been three days all of the side effects seem to have gone away except my ED. I am able to masturbate, but its quite difficult to do so. Semen feels less than normal, and erection is certainly not as hard as it would be before. Now I know PFS has to be over a long period of time, so I certainly know it’s only been 3 days. My main question is do you think I can recover? What can help me recover if anything?

Thanks guys

If i were you, i would do a waterfast right now. Best thing you can do in this early stages in my opinion. Don’t fap, just wait 5 days fasting. Search some topics here about it. (Im not an expert)

Ok thanks Ill look up some info on waterfasting and start right away, and dont masturbate at all?

There is little evidence that a water fast will do anything other then make you tired and weak. I would personally caution against it.


Just do nothing first few weeks beacuse youre probably be ok. I guess Fasting cant make you worse so just don panic

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Quick Update guys- I recovered for about two weeks after having the sides for 3 days and it looks like the symtoms came back. I definitely feel like I masturbated way too much, and I hope that didn’t have permanent consequences of my recovery. I am following everything I can including no fap, alcohol, exercise, etc. now. The side effects arent overbearing but they are there, ED, slight pain in penis, and dizziness from time to time. The fact that the sides came back after two weeks I assume is not a good sign. Any advice is always appreciated. Thanks

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Very important, what was your recovered sexual symptoms? Did you have any shrinkage when erect and flaccid? Any bends on penis? If so, were they completely came back to their Pre-Finasteride natural state temporarily? Thanks.

Hey Cooper,

It seemed to be completely back to normal to the pre-finasteride state. Its very hard to say if they were 100% back though, it certainly seemed that way. I am still having morning erections here and there, but the difficulty in getting an erection and state of flaccid penis was not how it was pre-finasteride or during the short recovery period. I haven’t had any bends in penis at all at any point. The side effects outside of my sexual symptoms seem to be fairly minor but I am having pain in it seems like prostate area, and some in chest.

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So what i understand is, your flaccid penis didn’t get back to its normal size but your erect penis recovered completely during that period, right? Did you also recovered your orgasm intensity and semen volume? This giving me hope and indicates that our physical sexual changes probably not permanent… hmm @rtaravel

My flaccid penis did get back to feeling normal actually during that recovery period. Overall everything was back to normal during that period even the other side effects like sleep, light headaches, chest pain. Honestly even at this time I can get erect fairly normal and orgasm intensity is still there its just a little more difficult to achieve and maybe slightly less volume. How it feels when its flaccid now is definitely strange. Sleep is not great as I wake every few hours right now, and headache is particularly bad today. I am going to keep a positive attitude and make sure I feed my body the exercise and nutrients it needs to hopefully recover.

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What I am mainly concerned about is that a big symptom of PFS is the crash that happens 10-20 days after a brief resolution of side effects, I am just praying thats not me

Hey if anyone could respond to this I’d greatly appreciate it. Thanks all

You’re very early in the stages of coming off of Finasteride. We consider PFS to be symptoms persistent after 3 months. For now, quit messing with drugs and herbs and try to live as healthy as possible. Often times, people do crash after resolution of sides as you mentioned. The flaccid feeling you’re experiencing and the poor sleep is a common symptom among us.

I hope you get better, friend!

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Thanks man. I’m trying to do everything right but I’m afraid because I’ve already had a crash my hope is dwindling. Amazing one dose of topical did this to me.

I’m sorry, man. It always sucks seeing someone else go through this. But there is still hope for you, especially considering your profile doesn’t sound very intense.

My penis does not feel sexual stimulation. Previously I was very sensitive.


Does anyone recommend me doing anything with blood tests/supplements right now after 3 weeks (few days after crash)? Should I relax or try to do something to be proactive? I’ve read that if you attack it sooner you may have a chance of beating it.

I suggest waterfast, best thing to do in early stages in my opiniom. It recovers your body and clear intestines.

I would do whatever you are capable of doing to be as healthy as possible. Eat well, drink lots and lots of water, exercise if possible, and meditate. Don’t overexert yourself, but don’t be a complete hermit. I’d lay off of vitamins and herbs for now. Just let your body be. If you want to get blood work done, sure go for it so you know what’s going on. But personally, I wouldn’t act on the blood work.

I want to give you this one small tip, when you would ever want to try stuff, avoid methyl donors like the plague. So don’t take stuff like B vitamins, betaine HCL, Sam e etc. They can severly crash you. Good luck bro.