Flaccid penis size changes in day. Before pfs?


Hi guys, just wanted to ask, is it normal to experience flaccid penis size changes through day even the temperature is the same? I experience them a lot. Sometines bigger and thick sometimes otherwise. I wonder if it was like this before PFS or not. I really can’t remember. Didn’t think about it back then. Have you guys experienced many changes in day without temperature shifts BEFORE PFS?
Is this symptom related to PFS? Or is it completely normal? I wanted to ask my healthy friends about this but ashamed.


PS: Asked my friend, he said it is normal and it happens to him too. Said his penis stays small at the most of the time, said it goes bigger while going to pee etc.


Cooper, you’re getting too much, this is my advice to you, get out of the forum for awhile, take vacations or do something else.
You are doing bad to yourself.


I think based on some comments that I’ve read, that many of us (myself included) have mild to severe body dysmorphic disorder.

This is a terrible disorder in and of itself and with PFS, sometimes it may be tough to differentiate what’s caused by PFS (in terms of physical changes) and what’s related to BDD.

Not saying you have this OP but it might be worth thinking about it. I’ve noticed from some posts that people often mention quite miniscule physical changes, which may just be BDD acting up.

I have been hyper aware of my erectile strength or lack thereof for the last 3 years, but I also understand in the back of my mind that I have BDD and it is tough to judge what causes what sometimes


Yes, of course it is normal. There is a continuum of flaccid stages - not jut flaccid, semi-erect and erect. Same with libido - there is a continuum and there are weekly, daily and hourly variations. That doen’t mean that the penis has not shrunken (or that the libido has not been greatly reduced). Obviously for proper comparison of before and after states it needs to be done at the same stage/phase of erection/libido. You cannot compare 0% erect before with 10% erect after. You need to compare 0% with 0% - i.e. when it is at its smallest.