Flaccid penis feels like jelly, too soft!

My flaccid penis used to be firm. Now it feels like jelly! i can bend it and squeeze it with no resistance. And therefore, the erections are very soft, also the penis is lighter, like it is empty inside, also it is numb, no sensitivity!

Does anyone know why it is like that? I think i have lost the smooth muscles in the penis. It is too soft and feels like it is dead! :frowning:


I don’t think the muscles are gone. Mine fluctuates between the way you describe, fibrotic, and very rarely it feels normal. Personally I prefer this to when it is so shrunken and fibrotic but it sucks none-the-less.

If you’re not working out start and switch to the paleo diet. This has been my biggest help against the strangeness fin has brought into my penis.

This happened so suddenly with me. I think it was the moment I popped my first pill.

so your penis is normal now?

i think the muscles in penis are gone because i have lost girth too…

It fluctuates but 95% of the time it is NOT normal. it’s the 5% of the time when it returns normal that tells me nothing is gone, it’s just not inflated as it should be, which is related to hormones IMO.

I’ve gone from shrunken thing trying to retreat inside of me to walking around with a solid 11 cm hanging and banging in a matter of a few days.

Try taking vitamin D, 10,000 - 15,000 IU daily for a week and see if you have response. And research the vitamin d threads.

I’ve been like this for 2 years now (only took the stuff for 3 weeks)

I see that this thread has been dormant a loooong time.

I have extreme light penis also. Has shrunken up tiny to abou 50% of its normal size was flaccid and is only about 75% normal when erect. I’m gonna try the vitamen D thing too and see what happens. What scares me most is the thought that I’ve lost actual tissue.

Didnt either of you two, or anyone else here, recover from this?

I’ve had periods of recovery. Vitamin D helped. In the last 5 days I started taking sea salt in water which has also helped a lot. I piss all the time so I piss out a lot of sea salt (1/2 teaspoon in water in morning and afternoon), after I started taking it my penis became more swollen and normal. I’ve also got some water retention in the body/face, but it’s worth it.

Excuse my ignorance. I’m new here. Whats the theory here? My T levels are low normal. So, there should be some DHT in my penis I assume. Is the thoery here that somehow now our penis’ DHT receptors have been shut down and therefore cannot support normal tissue growth and repair?

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this is not in the theories section, it is simply a comment or statement, however - yes - it is a general comment from many physicians that there may be some form of androgen resistance, to T or DHT.

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Same situation itself, mine has also shrunk a lot

Bro my shit is excactly as you describe it

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This exact thing happend to overnight and has been going on for about 3 weeks now but last week it was like it recovered had good sex and then was still okay for a day or two then back to this jelly form again :rofl::man_shrugging:t2::man_shrugging:t2::man_shrugging:t2:, someone please help me

It often gets soft and flaccid for me (even with stimulation) if I have taken lots of serotonin agonists. It usually get restored very easily again if I take various serotonin antagonists (for upregulation after a few hours or a day). 5-HT1A helps erection, so do 5-HT2B and 5-HT2C. Possibly others. It’s ridiculous how involved serotonin is. Anyway: 5-HT1A antagonists: St. John’s Wort, Berberine, Zinc, Schisandra… 5-HT2B antagonists: Feverfew, Uncaria… 5-HT2C antagonist: Kudzu, Willow Bark…
Anyway, the difficulty for me is restoring sensitivity. Because I can for example say that 5-HT2B is monstrously good for erections (maybe because of Nitric Oxide production), but seems monstrously bad for sensitivity. 5-HT2C is good for erections and not great, not really bad for sensitivity. The best of both might be 5-HT1A.