FKBP51 decreases the activity of DNMT1 and mediates epigenetic effects of the antidepressant paroxetine

“In mouse embryonic fibroblasts and primary mouse astrocytes, FKBP51 mediated several effects of paroxetine, namely, decreased the protein-protein interactions of DNMT1 with CDK5 and FKBP52, reduced phosphorylation of DNMT1, and decreased the methylation and increased the expression of the gene encoding brain-derived neurotrophic factor (Bdnf).”

Could this mean that FKBP51 is important for us (PSSD sufferers specifically)? There exist drugs that target this protein.

There’s actually a professor of psychiatry named Dr. Jonathan Cavault who is conducting a trial using dutasteride to help reduce cravings in alcoholics. In the abstract for the study, it says "Results suggest that dutasteride may be particularly helpful for patients with baseline negative mood or are carriers of a stress-reactive allele of a chaperone protein, FKBP5, involved in regulation of glucocorticoid, androgen and progesterone receptor function. "

Maybe the results of his research will be relevant to understanding the epigenetics of PFS.

In that it might generate more PFS patients? Another murderer administering dutasteride to human beings, fuck this guy.

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Yeah, the abstract text also says “Extensive preclinical studies indicate that neuroactive steroids mediate important effects of alcohol and support the examination of neuroactive steroid modulators as treatment options for alcohol use disorders (AUD). Dutasteride, a widely prescribed medication for benign prostatic hypertrophy and androgenic hair loss, blocks a key step in the production of neuroactive steroids and represents a promising candidate for treatment of AUD.”

If it blocks production of neuroactive steroids, couldn’t that explain why it can cause depression and suicide? Medicine has become overly politicized. Why is alcohol only considered harmful but dutasteride is a safe treatment option?

It causes permanent physical damage that so reduces quality of life that victims have no other choice but suicide. Reduction in neurosteroids is one of many cascading system failures. The idea of Mengele-testing this on humans is disgusting.