Five months off this garbage and still haven't gotten blood tests yet

I just need to know what I’d need to get done, the insomnia is still bad and my sleeping schedule is pretty much the opposite of what it should be. My depression has let up lately but I still go through periods where it’s unbearable, along with anxiety. There was a period of maybe a month where the insomnia and sleep schedule was ok then it went back to shit… Could never imagine the moronic choice I made to take this poison would haunt me as it has.

To be frank with you, there’s not a real need to have any tests done. For this condition they’re just wastes of money, given that a) a lot of test results posted on here have no overlap and, more importantly, b) a test isn’t going to turn up anything you could act on that would do much for this condition.

I suggest taking it easy and being kind to yourself. You did not make the choice to take the substance knowing you would end up here, and it was not your fault you did not know.


I mean, from what I’ve read a good amount of people recover from taking this poison if their panels are way out of range, at least enough to try, anyways. The only other option at this point is suicide and I’d have hoped when it was my time to go that I wouldn’t be tormented before. I just want peace at this point

What’s your sleep schedule like and have you tried any meds?

Im on remeron currently but I’ve been basically going to sleep at 4am then getting up at 3pm mostly because I wake up in the middle of the nigt