Fish Oil benefits and dosage

Hey guys,

I’ve noticed that quite a few members on this site list fish oil on their list of supplements. Now I am no way suggesting or hoping that fish oil is a cure, but I am just curious what dosage do people use with it?

Ive been taking one 1000mg pill every day for like 2 years. I’ve noticed though that the bottles say recommended dosage three pills daily.
How much do you guys take?

I took fish oil along with Calcium, Mag, Vit D, Chinese herbs, clomid and Andriol T caps (40mg) and recovered for 3 months. I was taking one capsule in the morning and one at night.

For every 6 particules of omega 3 you need 4 particules of omega 6 you can onlu get them booth at the same time with the flax seed oil !!

Depends on your diet… chance’s are he’s getting the omega 6’s if he’s not a health nut and eating all vegetables all the time.

I disagree on your dosage. I believe that for ALL of us we just need to start of with low dosages of whatever we are using and see HOW WE FEEL. When I noticed my hair started to become oily after i upped the dosage, I just continued with that amount. Since this is a unique problem, we are all kind of experimenting - carefully of course.

I’ve been taking these supplements again minus the Testo caps and Clomid. I feel better in the prostate/pelvic area, but still no libido or morning erections. I can get hard when I am with a girl. I will be trying the clomid again soon and will post results.

I have taken fish oil for 2 days and today I have much oil face and falling hair a lot,which means my DHT is increasing probably.But I now feel worse.(I don’t know this causes)
Surely,yesterday I was a little good.So, I don’t figure out why I am feeling worse.At least my T and DHT is increasing…
I will stop fish oil today and observe myself.
btw,my dosage is 1000mg a day.(only two capsules)
Later I will report.