First SNP/genetic link to ED. Do you have this SNP too?


Interestingly, a few studies late last year discovered the genetic link to ED. Just last month they found another connection between this gene and diabetes… I looked up my genetic report and I have this genetic connection and the associated risk confirmed through promethease.

If you’ve done genetic testing, I urge you to check out if you also have the gene.

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this is neither a snp on 23andme database nor i think its relevant to our problem


come on dude, don’t comment if you don’t know what you’re talking about. 23andme database is useless, you plug in your raw data to promethease. We have no idea if this is related to our problem, but it’s the FIRST genetic link to ED and it was recently discovered, and I have it. We need to find out if others do. Plug your shit into promethease and give a helpful comment, please. Anyone else who is able to actually put on the brainpower to use promethease (really easy, look up a guide) please report your findings!

For those with promethease: Search for SIM1 gene


from where comes your raw data??

evidence quality is also something these days you know,

and how do you have it if its not on the list of 23andme tested snp´s, thats what im talking about, i have a list of all the SNP´s from 23andme chips V3 to V5 and myheritage and none of those contain your useless SNP


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first snp link to ed



I searched sim 1 and the gene is outlined in green. What exactly am I looking for?


If you used promethease it should mention ed association like it did for me. Link a screen shot if you want help interpreting.


Literally mentions only decreased libido in heading.


I’ll post the father link;

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can you help: