First line treatment options?

Hi all,

I am 27 years old and I used finasteride for 2 months (different doses) for hair loss and I experienced very painful testicles and a pain between anus and sack (felt like the prostate) - I stopped in Feb this year cause of mental side effects as well as impotence erectile dysfunction.

I now don’t have the mental stuff, but I do have some issues with impotence and erectile dysfunction.

My doctor knows nothing about these pills, so he did a testosterone test on me and my levels are in the normal range, but on the boarder to being “too low”.

He did referer me to a specialist I will see in a month.

my question is, did any of you have luck with increasing and restoring DHT levels ? do you have any recommendations for treatments ?

Anything is much appreciated !

Thank you

Nothing can be done about this.

Depends on the receptor sensitivity u have.

Wait it out for some time. Don’t take Fin or any other anti-androgen again. There’s no treatment for this.

Hi @Pproblems

Firstly, sorry to hear you’re going through this. It’s an awful condition with great variability, so hopefully your symptoms improve with time like they do for some.

For now, I would just let things be, and wait to see what happens. Some patients experience improvement with time, so it’s best to let things settle before muddying the waters by playing with your hormone levels again. Some patients do get worse through self-experimentation.

If you’d ever like to chat, my inbox is always open.


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thank you a lot for the answer ! I will text you if I need it :smiley:

thank you, I really apreciate the comments :slight_smile: