Findings/Dx from a MR Neurography study of the pelvis in a PFS patient

Their response: "Dr. Filler thinks that the bilateral pudendal nerve inflammation is not the root of the problem but a symptom. He thinks the root of the problem is the inflammation behind the tailbone which seems to irritate the impar ganglion, which affects the autonomic nervous system. "


Anybody with more to add to this

I’m just beside myself because of the myriad of things that it could be and NOBODY knows

Why am I experiencing very gradual decrease in sensation pertaining to erections or taking a piss slowly overtime


And before ppl jump on me about putting other sides above ED or dick problems, I’ve had those too, I’ve just recovered from them thank God

I’m just beyond fed up with these symptoms

I’d be better taking a few days off the forum, is one scary thread after another these days.