Finasteride ruined my face what do i do?

guys what do i do i feel suicidal finasteride has some how ruined my face. all my life i had a chiseled face now my face is ruined it’s so fat and puffy wtf and my jaw is gone ehre are the befoe and after pics


brother, that looks indeed different. Did you make sure its not weight gain due to corona quarantaine?

i do see what you mean though by your chin…

how long are you off now?

i don’t understand i’m hardly eating yet my face has changed what do i do?

i wish I knew what to do. it looks like osteoporosis in your chin area (loss of bone).

If anything try to make sure you get enough vitamins in order to prevent bone loss…

Unfortunately a few of us have developed changes to our features. It’s devestating.

whatdid u experience?

chill out thats sinpthomes of fina , yet you should go to a doc not for the photos but for the fina taking and i dt see that much of a difrence in ther your fine bro