Finasteride must be the most powerful drug on this planet

If just one pill can cause years or life long sexual dysfunction and a whole bunch of mental sides, nothing tangible often shows up on blood tests, no one knows the root cause or cure, baldness continues, this must be the most powerful drug on this planet or am I really missing something here?

I know this post doesn’t help anyone or me but this is a mind boggling thing overall. Any thoughts on this?

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Well, there’s cyanide, or LSD.

As you say, the lack of ability to measure it’s effect is the most troubling problem. If we were able to prove more, we could expect both treatment and the ability to successfully prosecute.

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I was gonna say cyanide !

When I think of the word powerful like you use here …it denotes something that’s actually useful , that it delivers something sought after , with strength etc finasteride is not even that amazing at growing hair in my opinion all the rest of the stuff it does is devastating and unwanted - id call it one of the most useless drugs on the planet lol

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I wonder if we all have an underlying issue that is similar in nature that got us to PFS after using the drug. As one toxicologist once told me, what makes one person ill has no effect on another person. Immune response is a cumulative effect over time…finasteride has ruined my life but people don’t understand because I look fine on the outside. Propecia for eight years then four doses of 5-HTP put me into different place in life. It’s been 1.5 years and only a few things have changed. It’s a hell of a drug!

I think “issue” is the wrong term, sensitivity is probably more appropriate. Some people can’t go out in the sun for an hour without burning, but others go out all day without any problems. You could pitch it a little like that.

But yes, there presumably is something that we have in common which means that these disastrous outcomes don’t apply for other people.


Appreciate the feedback. What’s your thoughts on sensitivity growing with time? I think about the years on propecia and how symptoms quietly progressed. On an interesting note, I’m more sensitive to sun now. Before I would get tanned with no issues but now I break out in small blisters if out for too long.

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Yeah I guess I meant it is devastatingly powerful

So the 5htp made you feel better ??

Reading your posts makes me more and more nervous about my own condition.

My symptoms are already bad enough and I’m only 3 months in.

Everyone’s different, it might not be the same for you …keep the faith and keep doing the right things to promote restoration and recovery :pray:

I can only hope.

Eating healthy, avoiding gluten + sugar, moderate exercise and thinking about other things are the only things I can do.


People have tried a lot of stuff here. Some to no avail, some leading to significant or moderate improvement while some claim to be completely cured. Also, those cured are unlikely to stick around here. So the forum will essentially present you with a lot of ongoing “negative results” in a way but also suggestions for improvement. I’m 4.5 months into the problem as well after just 6 pills in total. Let’s hope for the best. I believe one can get a penile implant in the worst case, for sexual sides, after exhausting all other treatment options.

Well, firstly a change in sensitivity to the sun isn’t unheard of around here, sorry to hear that you’ve been affected.

In terms of sensitivity growing with time, it’s tempting to air my thoughts, but really it’d be a guess. There could be any number of reasons, from system depression having cumulative effects that the body can balance to some degree but with time the scales tip too far. It could be that another substance that could be in isolation harmless, is enough to make the difference and once your system is pushed beyond that point, cascading effects emerge. When you’re talking about years of exposure there are many opportunities for changes and interventions to occur. That’s one point of view, there will be others.

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A lot of us here are balding young, or had lots of acne, which means we may have been androgen hypersensitive or bordering on it, making the androgen/receptor suppressing effects of these drugs feel worse for us.

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Dude I wish. It made my situation worse.

Interesting perspective. I never thought about that.

I agree. We are all different people. My recovery has improved with time but it’s been a slow download recovery.

I think we have clear physical evidence of how finasteride has ruined our lives. It’s just outrageous that the medical community says it’s not possible. Or for some doctors this shit exists and is real. For a part, dermatologists or those who do hair transplants cannot be … And thanks to cock, finasteride is the most important thing for a hair transplant … If one sees me at the seaside at 35, he sees me in shape I can to do anything more or less. I can no longer train … When I drive I have the buttocks and anus that go into focus and work becomes complex but I still work. My wife understands me and despite the ringing in the ears and that feeling of being an alien I go on. Does cialis work for an erection I did an echo-color Doppler test that showed nothing significant but my cock works strange and very numb. If I read backwards on this site I see cases from 2005 or even earlier. Today we are in 2020 for 15 years or maybe more than people get sick and doctors say and in your head … I say yes but surely in my fucking nervous system. At 35 I have a son a job a wife and go on. But the carelessness of doctors in this condition is bestial. It is not possible for a 20-year-old boy to have inconceivable erection problems. It is not possible that I who had a child suddenly have difficulty because sperm is defective. If I had done 5 years of cocaine at half a gram beyond this I was now like a Greek god compared to this hair drug. In my opinion, it will never come to terms. Parkinson’s medicines for multiple sclerosis exist and there is not a single thing for us. It really is shit. Sorry for the outburst.


Don’t be sorry, friend.