Finasteride makes permanent changes to brain

I have did extensive research on finasteride and what it does to the brain and why it’s impossible to recover from. Upon looking at Merck’s research on finasteride and it’s presentation to the FDA they had lied about one key note- that finasteride was a competitive inhibitor (bullshit) when in fact reading from countless biology books and articles that it is in fact a non competitive inhibitor basically it makes changes to the receptor sites in the brain by changing the structure by binding to it so the relevant elements can no longer merge themselves with the receptor stopping it from activating key hormones permanently and what can we do about it you guessed it NOTHING the damage is done, it cannot be reversed. This would correlate with the evidence that epigenetic changes take place which was verified by the PFS site in an independent study recently. I have countless screenshots to prove this and I’m sure it’s been mentioned before.


This I believe…Finasteride causing brain alterations…Some work around it better than others and regain some life, some don’t…The mystery is why wouldn’t it do this to everyone’s brain that takes it?

Depends on dosage and for how long they were taking it. I would say that there is most likely still receptor sites that haven’t been bonded too and shut off by finasteride which are still activiting the relevant hormones but with less output compared to pre finasteride that’s my theory.

human bodies are different, and i think fin affects ALL of the people(who take) to some degree, a few of my friends were/ are taking fin and i can clearly see that fin made them bunch of pussies, we grew up together and i knew/know them very well but after a few years i can tell it effected their behavior, i think it makes it impacts on people but for some people(pfsers) its huge.

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I think the only way to get around PFS is replacing all the hormones that are being inhibited that includes neurosteroids in the brain by oral administration or find a biologist that can find a revolutionary method to undo the chemical bond that’s the only two methods.

Sage 217 might help us it’s a synthetic neurosteriod allopregnanolone. This might actually activate something in are brains giving us a recovery.

Hormones work in a synergestic way, if there’s one out of balance then there’s usually a domino effect. If a chemist could put together all of the hormones being blocked by finasteride into a cocktail solution then administered every month then this would most likely pull the body back into an equilibrium state and start the healing process. The hardest part would be finding the correct ratios per individual but this can be done and it’s the only solution that I’m seeing could put us all on the road to recovery.


that would mean HRT to be the solution

Curious what he found, the issue is probably partly located in the brain indeed…

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