Finasteride induces apoptosis(cell death) in female rats

I’m hoping somebody can unpack this but it seems to be of acute relevance. I wonder whether these studies have also been conducted on male mice?

So I’ve been wondering if women are even more affected by drugs like accutane or anything else like birth control with 5ARI activity. I’m trying to find a link to a forum that was posted here that’s sort of like the female counterpart to propeciahelp but from another drug that’s antiandrogenic or hormone disrupting, anyone have it? Wouldn’t it be a good idea to have one big tent forum for all people who are similarly affected by these different types of drugs, ie. finasteride, gnrh analogues, accutane, anti-depressants, etc?


We are in close touch with Lupron’s victims hub, which you may be referring to.

Yes, that’s what we provide now since the relaunch of this site. We now host members from all the mentioned drug classes and they are invited to participate in our survey to better illustrate this overlap.

Awor discussed this here: