Finasteride for heart health wtf

No mention of the harm it does

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Largest percent of this article reviews its success as a cholesterol reducing med. They’ll be pushing this as a statin alternative to masses, if they get approval.

Also pushed fin as an aid to transgenders in their transition process. More ink devoted to this than I expected.

Meanwhile, “heals prostate” is part of headline, but no discussion of that except as links to elsewhere.

Folks, Big Pharma is not going to abandon finasteride. On the contrary, they are doubling down, researching new lines of profit. Are they worried about us or our cause? Not in the least.


The more people who use this substance, the greater the chances of our condition being recognized, unfortunately. May they publish more and more for more people to use and the number of people affected increases more and more. I didn’t want to have this way of thinking, but since with a few people affected there is no recognition, perhaps with more people affected the thing will gain visibility.