Finasteride for androgenetic alopecia is not associated with sexual dysfunction: A survey-based, single-center, controlled study




Last sentence of the paper:

“Therefore, as one of only two FDA approved medications, it is recommended that finasteride continue to be prescribed for the treatment of AGA.”


And so, the quest for a PFS-related publication from the dermatology profession that isn’t completely asinine continues.

In tandem with the data from outside their profession that well supports the existence of persistent physical, sexual, and neuropsychological problems after even brief Finasteride use (Khera et al 2018), what the results from this surveyed cohort suggest is that the variable sexual dysfunction as a symptom of what is currently termed PFS is absolutely not the normal mammalian physiological response to Finasteride exposure. This is very apparent considering the enormous and increasing volume of prescriptions, and that some of our most severe cases past and present have taken a few doses.

If peanuts were a lucrative source of revenue for dermatologists one could imagine they would submit papers asserting that peanut allergies do not exist based upon having met a number of men who bought their peanuts and subsequently had a nice day.


Disclosure: Dr Gupta has been a consultant for Anacor, Sandoz,
and Moberg Pharma; been a clinical trials investigator for
Valeant Canada, Nuvolase, Bristol Meyers Squibb, Eli Lilly,
Merck, Novartis, Janssen, and Allergan; and served as a speaker
for Valeant Canada, Janssen, Novartis, and Bayer. Ms Daigle and
Dr Carviel are previous and present employees of Mediprobe
Research Inc, which conducted the above trials.

KA FOLEY received the MERCK Award and received a grant.
For others, several studies sponsored by MERCK also …

So as usual, we unfortunately understand better the results of such studies! Horrible because many give credit and it makes us wrong …


exactly. and even if its so rare , it still exists and has way more side effects to offer than sexual ones… and no one knows before if he is predisposed in this russian roulette. so imo that cant be tolerated for a cosmetic(!) drug. its not life saving.



God I hate seeing stuff like this… even worse than all the Fin gladiators on hair loss forums. I guess all of our issues are just imaginary, eh? If only it were that simple


Problem is that the disease is so rare, that the number of participants was insufficient to detect it. Obviously this study is worthless due to this fact.


the disease is also so rare because no hair loving guy would quit propecia when he has minor sides. some of them would crash when they quit. and finasteride is not so often taken than you assume. in germany 10.000 i read. and propecia (the product of merck) in total 500.000 in the whole world. thats not that much