Finasteride Exposure via partner?

Hey guys,

I’m a 26 year old guy, from the USA, longtime lurker here, who has been battling a rotating cast of symptoms since quitting fin around 2 months ago. I seem to improve for a little while followed by more crashes, sometimes small crashes, sometimes bad. Its mostly been fatigue and ED for me.

I’ve also been dating another guy for a few months. Last night, I realized he had also been taking fin for a while. I immediately tried to warn him about symptoms but it was just really overwhelming and hard to discuss something as scary as PFS with someone I only just started dating.

I realize this may be TMI, or it may not be applicable to the vast majority of you, but now I’m afraid there could be trace amounts of fin in his saliva/semen that are causing me to crash after I spend time with him? Again, I’m sorry if this is TMI but I didn’t know where else to turn.

I appreciate you guys. Thanks.

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First of all, I am not a doctor, so take everything I say with a grain of salt.

I think it is a valid reason for concern.
I don’t think there is any specific Finasteride-specific knowledge about this situation specifically. You could maybe try to look up studies that were conducted to research the possibility of fetal abnormalities due to the paternal parent using Finasteride in the time of conception, and use that as a basis for how likely you think it is that Finasteride is potentially transferred via semen. I have seen some studies where Finasteride effect on fetus is studied but I think these were mostly about the maternal partner taking Finasteride systemically (for god knows what reason).

Based on my knowledge I am inclined to say: Yes, you could theoretically possibly be exposed to Finasteride via his semen, especially when you are exposed to it via your rectum, since absorption into the bloodstream is more likely via that route.

Many pharmaceuticals do make their way in semen. For some compounds this means that the amount of drug present in semen fluids is similar to that in blood serum measurements. I’m not sure what kind of measurements we would be talking about in the case of Finasteride, and what that means for its potency, but given how effective Finasteride is in small doses I think this is a legitimate reason for concern. Finasteride allegedly has a half-life of about 7 days so unless he hasn’t been taking it for over a week there will still be a chance for exposure.

I can also definitely understand that it is hard to bring up.
Despite this, I would try talking to him about it. Your experience of adverse effects may inspire him to quit the drug altogether, hopefully without consequences.
He should of course make his own choice about continuing the drug, and if he is not experiencing any adverse effects he may not be very susceptible to the idea of quitting it for your sake.

Again, I am not a doctor and I can’t guarantee any correct, conclusive advice. Perhaps the amount of Finasteride in his semen is negligible. As a PFS sufferer I am biased against any exposure to Finasteride through any means. If I were in your position I would seriously consider ending the relationship amicably if he ultimately decides to keep taking Finasteride and risk exposing you to it.

Best of luck,systemic%20responses%20in%20female%20recipients.
“Although data from the literature are scarce and incomplete, it is evident that many drugs can be excreted into semen. These drugs may interfere with the most common semen characteristics, potentially resulting in a male-mediated teratogenic effect, or local and systemic responses in female recipients.”


Thank you so much for such a thoughtful and detailed response. PFS is already lonely enough, so it was tough to feel alone in this scenario. I will definitely do some more research on fin secretion in bodily fluids. I’m afraid of bringing up PFS with him but I will if I have to I think. I imagine condom usage could offer protection against absorption in the blood stream, but I’m wondering about saliva and the implications of oral sex. I will continue to do research. Thanks again.

“They even mention cutting, ingestion or inhalation of small particles of finasteride to be harmful during pregnancy. You are right to be concerned of finasteride being present in body secretion such as semen and saliva. You can find a very small trace of finasteride in body secretions but the amount of the medication is so small that it is considered negligible or safe for pregnant women. Studies show that pregnant women can be exposed to male secretion even if they are currently taking finasteride. Studies have not found any evidence of risk to a male baby from secretion with trace of finasteride through the father’s saliva, sweat or sperm. So in short we conclude that men do not need to stop using finasteride while having their wives pregnant.”

This is the only bit I can find on saliva.
This information is coming from a hair transplant clinic that appears to generally recommend against taking Finasteride for hair loss treatment (that is positive in my book). On one hand they are saying that it is likely that Finasteride is present in saliva and semen, on the other hand they are saying that the amount of it is probably negligible in terms of risks of causing fetal problems. Whether that says anything substantial about risks of exposure to Finasteride yourself I don’t know. I honestly don’t think you’d be at that much risk to be honest. I mean kissing is kissing, you’re not drinking buckets of someone’s saliva.

Hi all,

I wanted to follow up on this in case it is helpful for anyone else. I spent this past weekend with my boyfriend, who is currently on fin, and completely abstained from alcohol (as I thought it may be a trigger for me). Today, I am experiencing almost debilitating drowsiness, brain fog, and complete erectile dysfunction once again.

I am not a scientist, and I am of course open to other explanations, but it seems possible that I’ve been exposed to fin via his saliva/semen/who knows, and it is triggering my crashes. I am really struggling here and not sure what to do. I may ask him to get off fin. It’s really painful to think that my partner is inadvertently causing this suffering for me. Either way, I’m sharing this to warn others that it might be possible to be exposed to fin this way. I realize this may come across as paranoid, I just wanted to follow up with more of my experiences.

Thanks for sharing. I’m sure this info will be of use for others not only now but in future.

I hope your symptoms pass before long too man and I hope you find a way around this conundrum.

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How do y’all even get partners with this lmao

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