Finasteride Approval Evidence of a Clinical Research Problem in the U.S

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In my opinion, this is a weak article but it is still stronger than the article I haven’t written.


In fact, within one section of the approval documentation related to finasteride’s use for treating MPHL, the FDA noted that Merck would be required to conduct some form of post-marketing research on the drug. This basically means that while the FDA was generally comfortable with approving finasteride as “safe and effective” (the standard for every drug approval) for MPHL, there were still safety concerns that the agency believed Merck should research after the drug was on the market and being prescribed to men all over America. (Note: the specifics of finasteride’s post-marketing research commitment for this indication [are redacted].)

How interesting :thinking:

Is there some form of freedom of information act that can apply here? The letter featuring the redaction is over 20 years old.


Is the 27 year old mentioned in the article on this forum?

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I am trying to get in contact with him.


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I’m pretty sure the guy in the article appeared in a documentary on PFS as well. Santman was in it too.


This wasn’t a necessary comment. What’s clear is he was impacted very severely and the trajectory of his life dramatically changed after getting sick.


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