Finasterid or Minoxidil


Is there any differences between pfs caused by minixidil and caused by finasterid? My problem was: i read everywhere only about finasterid and everybody wrote, ed,caused by minixidil is reversable, but i’m not fully recovered in 2.5 years. Rogain ect… should be from market.


Hello my friend! I used Regaine for 6 months before I took SP. I definitelly had some sides while on it and I am not sure if I could have end up with PFS using Regaine alone as I took Saw Palmetto at the end and got really nasty sides right away on the second day. The problem is, IMO once you get PFS it is really difficult to get away completely recovered, no metter what kind of substance have put you in this condition, although I am still optimistic that there is always way out, despite that I am suffering already 2 years :slight_smile:
So hang in there bro! Lets hope for a better future!


Hi Tisho, i’m optimistic too. I’m sure, by me it was caused by minoxidil. Sometimes i think to be recovered but a few weeks later it will be worse again. I have “only” ed as side effect, but it’s not permanent, so i wasnt hitten so bad like some others. I tried everything: sypplements, sport, sildenafil, doctors ect. I think the problem will be found and everybody will be recovered:)

I thought, the differnt can be between minoxidil and finasterid , that minoxidil causes only ed as side effect and finasterid hits much harder. Should i be happy:)?

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Well, if it is not complete ED and if it’s still working you are not that bad. I have to deal with low libido, joint issues, brain fog and all that stuff. Just don’t experiment in order to improve your situation, some people tend to experiment taking drugs that they don’t even know how it will affect them and end up worsened because of it. Just be more possitive don’t put yourself innstress and slowly you will get better, I am sure about that :wink:


Tisho: I don’t make exoeriences with drogs. I take some multivitamins and that’s all. Thank You!


How works minoxidol, finasterid ect.?
All they reduce DHT?
Exist some studies about reducing DHT in the body without any drogs? What happens than? Could somebody get the same side effects like pfs when DHT will be reduce on 20-40%? Sure, the system gets problems. I think now not on all side effects, only on ed. That’s the same by all drugs


Be careful with those multivitamins dude! Some of them are really harmful for the PFS guys… IMO if you want vitamins get your vegetables and fruits, you will be more than fine with that without taking these synthetic crap.