Fina/nandrolone combo

before I take that fucking pill can someone shine in about the AR rebound/silencing theory, has any study given any hint that finasteride mess is independent of the AR mechanism??

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Hi @VinnyG,

I strongly caution against taking finasteride in any context.

No, no study has contradicted this. Bhasin’s is often mentioned, but they used asymptomatic tissue and the appendices (not included in the main publication) still revealed statistically significant differences in androgen dependent genes.

I am writing, with @awor’s help, about the topic of androgen signaling and its potential role in the Post-endocrine disruption syndrome we are seeing in excruciating detail and have been for the best part of a year alongside the other projects. It’s about 75% complete and I am hoping it will be finished around christmas. This is intended for a scientific audience so I will likely seek some way of having it published, so this may delay it. This will hopefully be of interest to yourself and those thinking about this. I can only suggest this is considered before attempting therapies in this direction, as I don’t feel there’s been any adequate contextual elucidation of this that is public yet.




i understand your concern but I’m really in bad shape, i got all the sides in the book + coming from a highly hormone-responsive background this syndrome is killing me day by day, there’s not one day…
bhasin is stupid to even conduct a study like this using testosterone and finasteride, got a lot of respect for him before but he 100% sold his soul to merck

you and awor are the true scientists of this generation please stand up for the AR theory, our community is depleted of things to try and I don’t put much faith in anything aside from hormone manipulation

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I’m not aware of the methodology here, i can only infer that they were upregulated right?

but if no study shows epigenetic changes in absence of hormonal disturbance (e.g in cells)
why nandrolone/fina cannot be a safe/reasonable try at a cure??

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Yes following also. God he’s brave. Very very best of luck with it!

@VinnyG - Any updates? How’s it all going?

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you can follow the thread on pssd forum, but so far it’s going as expected, got back energy, libido, erections etc


Tried to sign up there too, specifically for your thread. Very best of luck with it, fingers crossed for you!

Interesting. Keep us posted!

His latest update on his topic was this:

libido is up, visual libido too, and not crashing the day after
last pin of nandrolone was 300mg on friday

got a permanent resting erection today, kinda painful
im gonna decrease duta to 0.1mg again because once 0.5 accumulates it takes months to leave the body


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I don’t know this guy and his backstory but hey, looks interesting! So is he curing himself really right now? Oh VinnyG is the same guy on the topic, sorry my bad. How are you doing then @VinnyG? Did you have any shrinkage or penis bend problems?

damn, deca + duta will have devastating consequences for hair …

hair is fine but my skin is oily and blood pressure increasing


i think it had atrophied now im not sure, those last days it’s more filled with blood through the day and more sensitive

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Thanks much for the updates VinnyG.

Would it be ok to include exact daily dosages of everything you’re proposing if you get chance? I’m trying to piece it together from the PSSD thread but not sure I do follow. I’m not brave enough to try just yet though, until you’ve finished what you planned.

Again you’re en extremely brave guy and I’m wishing you the very best.

This is the one to watch here guys…

EDIT - Oh, is it pretty much:

Week1: 300mg Deca 1/week and 0.1mg Dutasteride/day
Week2: 300mg Deca 1/week and 0.1mg Dutasteride/day
Week3: 300mg Deca 1/week and 0.1mg Dutasteride/day
Week4: 300mg Deca 1/week and 0.1mg Dutasteride/day
Week5: 300mg Deca 1/week?
Week 6: PCT?

Thanks much Vinny.

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Week1: 600mg NPP/week and 0.5mg Dutasteride/day
Week2: 600mg NPP/week and 0.1mg Dutasteride/day(currently)
Week3: 600mg NPP/week and 0.1mg Dutasteride/day
Week4: 600mg NPP/week and 0.1mg Dutasteride/day
Week5: 600mg NPP/week
Week 6: dunno what i should do here on

day 12: erections are much easier and hard to the point of bothering me, energy is high and sleep is inconstant/not restful
sperm is better than ever but still on the watery side

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Have you tried a testo + dutasteride combo? Would you say you are fully recovered?