Fibrosis of the corpora cavernosa

I’m 99% sure that anyone who has ED with hourglass shape has this:

This is fibrosis of the corpora cavernosa, and sometimes the literature says that only with penile prosthesis or reconstruction can this be reversed. I think even if we reverse the damage of methyl radicals, the damage of fibrosis is already installed in the corpse cavernous body, and our smooth muscles may have broken down.

Is 7 months with fibrosis a long time to leave me with ED for the rest of my life? I’m considering doing shockwave treatment ASAP.

I am definitely not telling you to take anything at all.

I don’t know if Taurine might be a problem supplement for us.

You should do further reading after reading the below if you are interested.

This is not an instruction or a recommendation.

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Thank you for the taurine tip. I will read this, but, like the doctor said on his reply (, this is not the common fibrosos (on tunica). This is a septal fibrosis. But, i’ll search exaustivelly if both fibrosis can be revesed in the same way.

Did you had hourglass shape as well?

No, I don’t have it.

Any progress? I’m on shockwave therapy, pde5i, pentoxifylline, taurine, trt VED etc. Very little improvements