Few rounds with finasteride and crush after last one. Blood test every round. Help

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25, 184cm , 73kg

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0.25mg EOD

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Hair loss

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cold turkey

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I got sides immediately after first pill but they were very light (just loss libido -> from urge to having sex 3 times a day to 1/day or 1per 2days, and lower semen volume) so I didn’t care so much.

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Hi guys.

I noticed my hair-loss in July 2018, tried some vitamins, shampoos and other shits for few months but nothing worked. Then in February 2019 I visited dermatologist who prescibe me finasteride. She said I should take 0.5mg finasteride every day. I was concerned about it. I knew how this drug works and all the sides effects, but my doc assured that everything will be fine -> you see sides, discontinue the drug and everything will go back to normal.
I did blood test on my own, but unfortunately not a full profile. I did the following test:
Blood test before fin: [in brackets norm ]
Testosterone 550 [80-980]
Estradiol 16 [11-36]
Androstendion 1,3 [0,6-3,7]
DHT 2100 [300-990]
Progesteron 0.1 [0.1-0.2]
Prolactin 7,17 [3-18]
Cortisol 17 [4-19]
DHEA 5,3 [1,7-6,1]

So now my story.
I decided I will go as my doctor said so 0.5 ED. I took first dose at 1 march 2019. Experience sides immediately only few hours later. Before I read about nocebo effect so I thought I will continue that regime all week. My sides:

  • 0 libido
  • erectile dysfunction
  • numbness
  • depression

2 weeks after cessation of finasteride I did blood test again (now with more hormones because I was more aware on endocrinology and how everything works) :
21 march 2019 blood test:
Glucose 72 [70-99]
FSH 1,13 [0.95-11.95]
LH 3,14 [0.57 - 12]
Estradiol 29 [11-36]
Prolactin 11,2 [3-18]
Testosterone 520 [80-980]
SHGB 39,8 [18-54]
Free Test 17,1 [9-28,28]

After one week with finasteride and two weeks break, my estradiol went up from 16 to 29. It was probably way higher while on finasteride.
Then suddenly recovered 100% to my pre-fin state about 1.5 month after.

I was stupid I haven’t done test again when I recovered.

Now the funny part:
I was still loosing my hair. I was so scared of being bald that I decided I will try again with lower dose.
My second round with finasteride started 10 June 2019. Now 0.5 mg every other day. I don’t know why but that time my body maybe knew how to adapt to finasteride better. My sides:
-lower libido (but still need to have sex once a day)
-weaker erections (80%-90% of maximum)
-lower semen volume

I had continue taking finasteride for 2 months. I felt some bizzare itching in my nipples few days after starting fin. I read many articles about gynecomastia so I decided to test my blood again (with hormones that may cause it)

My blood test while on finasteride 2 July 2019 (three weeks with fin 0.5mg EOD)
Estradiol 48 [11-36]
Progesteron 0.4 [0.1-0.2]
Testosterone 880 [80-980]

With that hormone profile I had sides listed above + itching nipples. But my hairs stopped falling! After just one month on fin. I was so happy. But after next month my itching nipples changed to puffy nipples.
That was the reason I discontinued this time. I stared developing gyno. It was not noticeable but I knew it was growing. I stopped taking fin. I done blood test one week after stopping treatment but still experienced sides listed above.
I again recovered I think nearly 100% to my pre-fin state 1.5 months after stopping finasteride.
I have done blood test 3 weeks after stoping fin: (still experience sides)
Estradiol 26 [11-36]
Testosterone 620 [80-980]
Prolactin 5,4 [3-19]
Progesteron 0.3 [0.1-0.2]

Blood test after recovery (1.5months after stoping fin):
Estradiol 20 [11-36]
Testosteron 580 [80-980]
Prolactin 7,07 [3-19]
Progesteron 0.2 [0.1-0.2]

My hair still was not falling out, I recovered and fell better every day when off the drug. My libido come back stronger every day. I miss that feeling soooo much! Then I was so sure that I’m resistant to PFS. I was aware that I need to continue finasteride if I want to keep my hair.
I thought now that I will lose fat to produce less estrogen. I started to work out and running. I loose almost 3% of fat within 2 months. I was 14% bf then went to 11,4%. Felt great. Now was sure that my ginecomastia will never appear again. (Actually it disappears completely after 2 months of training).

Now part that I regret the most:
My hair started to shed again, but I knew it will stop when I will start fin. I started finasteride again. Then I felt I knew everything about my proper hormones level and how to use fin safe to my body.
Now I decided to take 0.25mg EOD. Started it on the beginning of October 2019.
My sides started again day or two after first dose. Was exactly the same as before:
-lower libido (but still need to have sex once a day)
-weaker erections (80%-90% of maximum)
-lower semen volume

But not getting ginecomastia.

I did blood test on December 2019:
Estradiol 40 [11-36]
Progesteron 0.4 [0.1-0.2]
Testosteron 770 [80-980]
FSH 1,02 [0.95-11.95]
LH 2,92 [0.57 - 12]
Prolactin 11,7 [3-19]

I was sure that my sides will recover when I discontinue. My sides were tolerable I was ready to sacrifice my semen volume and lower libido to reach full head of hairs. Effects was amazing! Even 0.25mg EOD helps me regrow all my lost hair. I was in Norwood 2.5 at the begging and went back to Norwood 1.5 in 5 months with thicker and fuller hair. Then everything fucked up. At the beginning of February 2020 I failed to have sex. It was so embarrassing. Day before everything was fine. And suddenly 0 response to sexual stimulation. I couldnt get it up. I was so afraid.
I stopped taking fin the same day. But now it was different than before. I experience pannic attacks, could not sleep. I develop severe insomnia. When I tried to go to sleep my heart beaten so fast. I tired but couldnt sleep! My dick was dead. I can not concentrate at all. I was tired every day. Everything happens soooo suddenly. I tried to calm down.
I did blood test again I paid so much money for it. I tested probably every possible hormone this time.
Blood test week after my crash and week after stoping fin:
Estradiol 65 [11-36] WTF
Testosteron 1072 [80-980] WTF
Free Test 41 [9-28,28] WTF
DHEA-SO4 908 [167-591] H
SHBG 41 [18-54] considered high
Progesterone 0.6 [0.1-0.2] WTF
FSH 1,66 [0.95-11.95]
LH 3,48 [0.57 - 12]

My estradiol progesteron, testosterone and free testosteron and SHBG was too high! It was definitely worse than my previous experiments with finasteride.

I started to develop ginecomastia even without finasteride! 2 months after finasteride! I went to doctor and he prescribe me letrozol to combat my high estrogen and gyno.
I took 1/4 of 2.5 mg pill only twice a week. I should take it for 2 months. After 3 weeks I decided to discontinue becouse I feel worse. The funny thing is that it doesn’t give a shit about my estradiol level. How is that possible that while on letrozol my estradiol was 24? Bodybuilders who used letrozol even in smaller dosages having testosteron 2000or higher got estradiol close to 0. Something needs to be wrong with estrogen. Our body must produce huge amount of estradiol or not remove it properly.

I have done blood test every month.
My hormones never came back to normal pre-fin.
And varies very much every time I did blood test.

My blood test after 1 to 5 months after stopping finasteride varies and was as following:
Estradiol was always in that range: 30-45 --> 16 was my baseline
Progesteron was always in that range 0.3-0.5 --> 0.1 was my baseline
Testosteron was always in that range 505-780 -> 550 was my baseline

Now I’m 8 months after discontinuation.
I think all my mental side, suicide thought, depression are gone. I can work normally.
But still experience sexual sides effects:

  • 0 libido
  • my dick works but it feels different -> erections are ok but short and not getting up with visual stimulation.
  • orgasm are normal

But during my every month blood test something change in month 6. My estradiol first time was lower than 30.
And then I started to feeling better. I think that may be important to understand PFS so please help me understand what is happening here:

That hormones is changing so I will post only them:

6 months blood test after PFS:
Estradiol 27
Progesteron 0.4
Testosteron 550

Estradiol 24
Progesteron 0.4
Testosteron 790

Estradiol 21
Progesteron 0.3
Testosteron 580
And other hormones to compare with pre-fin:
Androstendion 2,4 [0,6-3,7]
Cortisol 12 [4-19]
DHEA 8,87 [1,7-6,1]
Free Testosteron 29 [9-28,28]

Maybe lower cortisol makes me sooo tirreddd all the time.

I tested DHT in month 4 and in month 8 and both times it was high. I received only information it is higher than 2500. What is wrong is that my hairs are falling out fast, but my skin is great. No acne at all! And it is not greasy as it used to be.

I strongly believe that Progesteron is my reason why I still have this PFS sexuall sides.
I have to say that while my SHBG and estradiol are going down I experience nocturnal and morning erection every day. But still my libido is 0. Unfortunately I haven’t tested my SHBG pre fin.
What can causes SHBG to go down? Is it a good sign yeah? I hope when my SHBG goes down to pre-fin level then progesteron will return to 0.1 and I will become normal again. At least I hope…

Please reply what you think about it. I think that now I will be waiting few months doing nothing. Maybe my hormones with stabilize and work again.

For now I do nothing - I was praying few times but it didnt work :smiley: . I don’t think about my illness. I take only same basic vitamins form B group and D3 2000 unit a day. But still I fell depress and sad someday. But at least I feel something. First few months with PFS I was like a zombie.