Fevers and getting sick

Ever since PFS I very rarely get sick. Maybe it’s because I don’t leave the house as much but at the same time whenever I do get sick it’s not like before.

When I get sick every few years it’s just a sore throat and runny nose. I haven’t gotten a fever since PFS began about 6 or 7 years ago.

Has anybody noticed anything similar?



People talk about their cold/flu/sickness as well as allergy severity and frequency being altered. I still get sick the same amount of times, same severity, and same duration. I still respond to seasonal pollen allergens and get sick with colds/flu’s the same as before. Also, getting sick and whatnot does not make my syndrome symptoms any better or any worse. I thought it was because I took saw rather than the common drugs until you who also took saw said this.

It may sound good to not get sick. After all, who wants to feel sick? But it probably is not a good sign. It suggests something is not working as it should. Surely we have these things operate for a reason or two. I’m going to take it as a good sign that I get seasonal allergies and sick still. It’s amazing how this syndrome can change your perspective.

I wonder if we checked our histamine levels if mine would be higher.

When I do get sick like I currently am now, I still get a runny/stuffy nose as well as a sore or irritated throat so wouldn’t that be a histamine reaction?

However, I have not gotten a fever ever since PFS. Again, maybe it’s because I don’t go out as much but the androgen receptor theory also makes sense .

Looking back, I stopped having fevers when I was a child. After saw, my temperature went from an average 98.6 to around 97.5 or so. That has normalized in time. No fever or hypothermia. I did not even have a fever with COVID. With general sickness such as the flu/cold, I get just about every common symptom, including the ones you mention, except fever.

When sick, do your syndrome symptoms get any better or any worse, or do they stay the same?

These syndromes really do come in different flavors. The possibilities are endless! They all taste nasty though.

It is outlandish how a midget palm tree (I don’t like saying its name because it does not deserve it) can ruin our lives like this.

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I have stopped taking finasteride for two months.
My hair loss is more than before finasteride and now even my beard is falling out.
Sometimes I also have a mild fever and headache.
I try not to think about these things. Otherwise I can not survive

I don’t think my PFS gets any better or worse when I get sick. I also did notice that my temperature is pretty low. I measured it a few days ago to see if I had a fever starting but it was 97.0

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I had low temp too for awhile, 17 months or so until it resolved. I’m curious, did you feel like you had a fever when you checked it? It would be surprising to feel feverish yet be low. You ever try taking your temperature at different body parts, like under the tongue, armpit, rectal? Were the results consistent?

I was feeling like a fever might be coming on soon not really full blown fever. It didn’t end up coming though. I have not checked it elsewhere but I’ll be checking it more often now to see if the recent 97.0 was just a one time thing.

I do always have cold extremities however. Hands and feet are often very cold.

I do hope you start feeling better soon. Nobody likes being sick, especially with a BS, life altering syndrome on top of it.

Spicy foods make me feel warmer. I don’t know if they actually affect temperature, but it feels like it.

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