Female who took accutane, help!

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I am a female who took accutane 9 years ago. Unfortunately my symptoms started once I stopped accutane. I was on it for 8 months. My symptoms are weight gain, blepharitis, hair shedding, loss of cheekbones, very dry skin, bigger breasts. No sexual side effects and never had them. Periods are normal. My main concern is I can’t lose weight, and I don’t know why my breasts have become larger? My thyroid is normal, I’ve had the full panel. And apparently all my other tests are normal. Do you think I have high estrogen or high testosterone?

I got same shit from finasteride and took Accutane back 30 years ago…Weight sky rocketed, Blepharitis in both eyes but the right one is 3x as bad as the left hair shedding…There’s no thing u can do about it donate to research here it’s a molecular level problem induced by compounds that lower androgenic activity in cells.

What does lower androgenic activity mean? Low or high estrogen/testosterone? I believe we can overcome the symptoms. I feel somehow insulin resistance plays a part. I do feel a lot better when I stay of vitamin A foods. I feel like eventhough I can’t lose weight and my breasts are larger, my facial features seem a bit more masculine. My lips have definitely shrunk. Any ideas

I did experience some weight gain during my accutane treatment too, had to lose 12 kilos to return to my normal state aftewards. It took some time and a lot of physical effort but weight gain stopped after discontinuation of the drug. Although I didn’t care about that much, as it had near zero influence on my life(unlike the mental and sexual sides). But my skin is still dry and moisturizers have pretty weak effect, so I’m still strugling with this destroyed aged skin.

Unfortunately I haven’t been able to shift the weight. Do you think my issue is estrogen or testosterone?

If ur e2, Testosterone, progesterone everything’s normal, the other most possible thing could be the overexpression of ur hormonal receptors (idk which one in ur case), but this loss of cheekbones, dry skin, pale skin, i have all this and i think it’s becoz my androgen receptors are not accepting my own androgens, can do nothing about it.

U can take the survey and mention ur symptoms which can help the scientists to understand ur condition.

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Hi @Sweetcapricorn - and welcome!

I noticed that most of the questions in your post is missing an answer. Can you fill it out so we have a better understanding of story?

Have you had any blood tests? If not, there’s no way to tell what’'s going on. Also I’d recommend to fill in the questionnaire in the first post. I’m not a medical doctor but from what I’ve heard, it’s usually low T + high cortisol that contribute to the weight gain.

Thanks. My phone wasn’t allowing me to fill that out yesterday, but I’ll try again. The doctor won’t give me a blood test for hormones. He said if I’m having regular monthly periods (which I am) and there isn’t any problems sexually, then my hormones are all fine. My main concern is hair shedding and weight gain. I’m not having hair loss per se, because the hairs grow back normally. I’ve had severe shedding. I can’t lose weight, I look puffy and it feels like water retention.

I’m sorry to hear that. One of the few advantages of the place I live is I can go to the lab and get all the tests I want for very reasonable money.

What’s your doctor’s opinion on what’s happening to you then?

He basically said there’s nothing wrong with me as all my gyno stuff is normal. He dismissed that it could be accutane. Because all my other blood tests are normal, I’m fine. I might pay privately for a hormone blood test. The only time I feel a little better is when I do a vitamin A free diet. Maybe I just need to stick to that and get on with life. I would still like to know why my hair is shedding though.

I’m surprised anti A has gained so much momentum, just doesn’t make sense.

If you look into weight loss surgery causing vitamin A malabsortion in studies it doesn’t seem to help weightloss, but hey I’m no doctor.