Feeling so much guilt

I just can’t believe that I knew about pfs before taking the drug, and brushed it off, and now my life is ruined. I had such a good life before, I really let my insecurity get to me. I can’t help but hate myself


Hang in there man. I feel the same way a lot of the time, you aren’t alone.

This isn’t your fault. You were given something you thought was safe.


I regret my decision everyday. I noticed that something went wrong after taking the first pill, but i attributed It to my inherent anxiety.

When all this happened i was farming experience in One of the most important multinacional…i was so stressed but so Happy. But avodart made me leave my job hehe.

I was also hanging out 2 x week with my Friends and having a lot of social Life. I had a perfecto equilibrium between job-personal Life.

So i regret 2x because i started to take this poison and i ignored my symptoms and i took this poison two more times. Maybe i would be a mild case if i stopped at the beginning. I Will never know.

What i know is that i regret everyday but i dont spend all the day doing that, maybe 5 min when i wake up. Im furious? OFC i am hehe but i cant add more problems to my recovery.

Also some days i forget regreting hehe, maybe cause my memory problems.

Yes…your feelings are normal. I dont want you to change them. You have to deal with them and manage them. Hate your self but in a tolerable quantity :P. You Will get stronger not only because you Will recover, because you Will how to deal with the worst face of this Life. And once you recover you Will give a shit about banal problems

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I relate highly to all of this for what it’s worth.