Feeling Sick/Tired in Afternoon


Hey everyone,

has anyone felt particularly bad in the afternoon (2-5 PM)?? It happens to me where I feel somewhat achey, like myalgia with a slight flu, then I get really really tired, sometimes coupled with brain fog. But in the mornings I am ok , and at night I am often better.

Never heard of this symptom before so I thought I would ask.


I am the exact same way, I often feel best late at night.


I feel best emotionally after 6pm even if it’s still light outside.


Does it depend on the time you get up? How many hours have you been up by 2pm?


Depends. Solid 4 hours at least. I haven’t noticed any difference, it seems to be the same whenever I wake up though.


I experience extreme fatigue - on the verge of unbearable - as well within the time-frame you are referring to.

I also feel better in the morning, and get more energetic after 6 PM.

Its all very routinely cyclic and therefore I am suspecting some out-of-range cortisol cycle, and will have this checked this month.

Have you had your cortisol levels tested?

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Now the strange thing is that this extreme fatigue and brain fog have subsided to a great extent during the last couple of days due to the intake of Ibuprofen.


I have also been taking 600mg ibuprofen twice a day from my doctor and I noticed my poop has started looking normal again and I’m not having hot flashes as much. Sleep and fatigue is still terrible though.


Why were you told to take Ibuprofen?


I have a pretty sizable swollen lymph node in my groin that I wanted to make sure wasn’t cancer or something and she said to take the ibuprofen and come back in a month if it’s still there


Hoping that the Ibuprofen will do the trick for you.