Feeling Empty After Breakup

I need advice.

So… I just lost my nearly two-year relationship with my girlfriend and the depression has made me quite vulnerable. Typically, my mental health has been strong where I can handle my symptoms, but now that I’ve lowered my guard, the constant anxiety has returned. Not only am I depressed over my relationship, but the thoughts of self-pity and sadness over my Fin-related problems are becoming unbearable.

Anyone have any good ways to deal with this other than therapy? Thanks.

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Man, I’m sorry to hear that.

Was it a good relationship?

Sometimes, when things come to an end, it could be a good time to re-assess your life and re-connect with parts of yourself that didn’t “fit” in the relationship. We always adapt to our partners to some extent, so perhaps there’s parts of you that haven’t been able to develop as much in the last two years? The joy of finding a “new you” can be fun and interesting, even with PFS.


Finding someone to talk or chat with can help some people. I talk to myself mostly lol but I really wish I had someone I could trust to confide in. Hopefully you have a support system other than your ex-gf. If not (which often happens when one gets in a relationship), it might be why you are feeling especially distraught. Try reconnecting with friends etc.

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I can relate. I lost my fiancée of 6 years, suffered tremendously because of it, and then got hit by PFS which has been raging for 2 years now.

The pain of the breakup will lessen with time, though.


I’m sorry to hear about this, i know breakups can be a whole new level of hurt and feeling really bad.

I’m definitely no expert myself on how to deal with breakups! But I know , as cheesy as it sounds - working on yourself can be the best therapy .
If you’re able to exercise like running, gym or cycle this is really helpful.
Also if you have any passions or crafts you do- for e.g art, music, drama, writing working on this can also be really helpful.

It’s very easy after a break up to have self esteem go through the floor. I have found working on exercise and a passion reminds me of my worth and my value , I think these things could help you out for sure


Sorry to hear that brother

Time will heal this. You’re not alone. We’ve all been through it

It’ll subside soon enough

Keep your mind occupied with things you r joy even if you don’t wanna do them
I know that’s shit advice but it’s true

Even go for walks in the sunshine, talk to ppl
Take a nap and sleep it off sometimes helps

But your process is your process
You will be fine

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Thank you, everyone. I appreciate the kind words and amazing advice. I’m doing better with that situation and have started to have realizations as to why the relationship wasn’t working. Still a bit nostalgic of all the good memories but there were definitely some bad ones.


Two years… That sounds like a lot of pain and suffering. I’m sorry :frowning:

PFS makes you a codependent. This makes all breakups much worse than typical and you fear moving on to a new person, and starting the PFS dance all over again.

Thankfully since getting an implant, most of that fear is gone. I am still working on the codependency piece.