Feeling disconnected with reality

Recently, I’ve started to feel disconnected with reality…I have a hard time keeping up with conversations or train of thought in the moment. It’ll come on suddenly without warning. Does anyone else have this problem? Is this considered a neurological problem?


I have it too, it’s like I’m walking around in a daze or dream half the time but surprisingly my cognition is fine, I’m able to have conversations and am able to think enough to do my job.


Sorry to hear this. I’ve had this for approx 6 years now had has caused me to retreat more and more. Socially. It’s one of the worst sides to cope with. Hope it’s temporary for you


Happended to me but I come back. Weird feeling indeed

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how long did it last?

Guys I fixed it by taking magnesium citrate and vitamin B12. You can switch off the brain fog.

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Good stuff. I’ve also found that self dialogue helps to get out of the derealization feeling. It’s better to acknowledge how your feeling and address underlying issues that are likely contributing to the current state…it could be from stress, food, caffeine, lack of sleep, etc…

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Yes. None of this is our fault. It is pointless hassling yourself with more stress.

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