Feeling better when Fasting

I feel so much better when I do not eat. For example, I stop eating at 6pm then I do not eat until the next day 6pm. The closer I come to my first meal / the longer i do not eat, the better I feel. Mastrubation is also much more enjoyable the longer i do not eat. My brain feels much clearer. Body gets less dry. I can breath much easier. Also i have trouble concentrating, that also lessens.

Any of you have the same?

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I feel the same, that is to say better, when I skip meals entirely. Others have written the same. I’ve also cut our carbs wherever possible, and feel that too has helped.

I agree that sugar is really bad but I can eat as much low glycemic carbs like rye and feel relatively very good. Though, I cannot seem to adapt to paleo, I get stomach cramps and it does not feel natural to me.