feeling 110% better, sort of in shock!!!


Hello. I am 25 and live in CA. I took finasteride for roughly two months and began noticing sexual side effects like major shrinkage and total numbness in my genital area, not to mention feeling as if my soul had been sucked straight from my body. I stopped taking the drug and began to feel better, but then had a CRASH a few weeks ago. I began to research and found this site, and saw the word permanent which made me terrified, and there is no doubt in my mind this made me feel worse. Nothing worked, nothing. Now…

my dad buys a product called Amazon Thunder, which is 100% pure Acai. In my opinion, it is the ONLY Acai product to take, period!!! Now, we ran out a few weeks ago and that is when I had my worst crash, no question about it. I did not put two and two together and did not even think that was what was making me feel better. Anyways, we ran out as I said and our new order came in four days ago. I drank it the first day and that night, I swear to God, I was back (though there is still a different feeling to the skin and a slight numbness). The difference was like night and day. Now, I noticed that you guys prefer people reporting feeling recovered after a long amount of time, so I did not post about this at first, I was going to wait. But…

Last night I went out to see some old friends and decided to drink and smoke a bit, which I really have not been doing since the bad crash, but I decided to make an acception because I have been feeling so much better. Big mistake. Late last night, symptoms returned full force. I felt depressed and came home kind of scared. Then I had a big drink of the Acai, and within minutes, I swear to God, I was back, and felt I had to post this out of respect. The difference was night and day again, and in my heart I just feel it is not a fluke. So…

Please try this… Amazon Thunder 100% pure Acai (the juice form only!!!). During my crash when we ran out of the juice I was using the freeze dried pills and they did absolutely nothing for me, nothing at all. Also, if you are going to eat bad, drink alcohol or smoke, don’t, or at least do it in complete moderation.

It is my duty to share this with you. If you want to give it a try, DO!!! I wish you luck. Also, your mind is crucial. You must stay positive and believe you will become better. I was unsure if I would ever be ok again and I was terrified. I just do not see this being a fluke and I hope you will at least try this one specific product. Please let me know if it makes you feel better. Do not feel like you are alone. You will be whole again. Remain positive!!!


I do not recommend it. Acai inhibits 5AR. To a boy this supplement (along with fish oil) has provoked the PFS.


Thanks. It was a very short lived and very temporary recovery a long time ago. It was meaningless and I am no better if not worse all these years later, and have no clue if this triggered the brief but profound improvement. That was still very early days for me. In any event, that original post is as good as worthless.



@len that meso-rx post is my post from 2010 i I don’t think açaí and fish oil did that lol. think it was an initial pelvic floor injury I panicked and bought gnc supplements that had saw palmetto in them thinking I was sexual exhausted I would gladly take that body and penis shrinkage I had then to what I have now. do you have shrinkage ?

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