Fear of having sex

When I try having sex my heart often beats really fast because of fearness of not getting a proper erection. And it’s often the case that I am failing. I fear to have intercourse or an emotional bond to a girl because of that. Is there something safe I can take to be more relaxed together with viagra? I have to be very concentrated to not lose my erection (even while masturbating with pills).

Some kind of alpha blocker would probably help you. Although I’d be a little reluctant of using half a pharmacy only to have sex.

It’s funny though, since I’m the total opposite of you. My heart beat doesn’t increase one bit when I’m with a girl as I don’t get nervous or excited at all anymore.

In the past my BPM would increase quite a bit to the anticipation of sex.


I know that’s not the ‚right‘ way but I just can’t without. I would take all the pharmacy stuff just to have regular sex. It’s not really the excitement like we used to feel it’s more the fear of failing what is making my heart race.

I am only getting nervous when it is about having sex. When I am talking to them I feel more confident than ever. I just don’t care if they like me or not.

What could I take without risking more sides?

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Same problem man , sometimes i can get spontaneous erection when i’m with a girl but when i want to have sex i stress and my heart beats a lot because I’m afraid from failing

I would suggest you spend a very significant amount of time on foreplay, then work your way up to providing oral and really get into it. Really please your woman and let her know it’s all about her. This should relax the both of you, and if things get better down there while it’s going on, good.

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I know, my erections last sometimes really long within foreplay but when I have to take my underwear off it disappears fast.

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Yes I will try that. I have to keep a clear mind first and don’t let myself to much stress about it. But I think I won’t get a decent erection while doing oral to her it will take too long.

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It’s so creazy we took the pills and made ourselves impotent or with reduced erection quality. Unbelievable. I life from my fantasies from my former live.

After 5 months with two days with a Bupoprion boner looking out of the trouthers and I thought I’m sexual recovered and was horny for an escort or tantra massage.

But my cock lost me for the last two weeks forever. Hope it comes back one time.

The only hope for help is the developement of a aphrostadil cream through the penis skin to get hard erections for diabetics an cases like us. Big pharma already in touch with. Cause Viagra doesn’t work, with silenced AR…
This is not a joke. As injection prouven since 1980.

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Does someone combine viagra with alpha blocker? I think this will be one of my next steps but I am concerned to mess up things more.

Do you think performance anxiety also significantly contributes to making it difficult to keep an erection? I know you may have some underlying problems, but the anxiety may make it even harder on you.

I never had any perfomance anxitey before, but now it seems even if I recover any time soon, I’ll have it to the rest of my life.

Although I do realize that sexuality is pretty sophisticated mechanism, I still doubt that any nervousness can cause that much of a disaster. Of course, it’s just my personal experience but before PAS I still was quite anxious and nervous person. But the worst I experienced because of that was just some libido fluctuations, not anything close to impotence. And when I first faced some issues, deep inside I already knew something was terribly wrong.

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Yes, I definitely think it is, beside pfs, making it much more difficult to get or maintain an erection. I mean a lot guys have much or less some kind of nervousness before intercourse but pfs makes it like thousand times more difficult.

I can relate. Being always kinda nervous or anxious but never had issues like I have now. Miles away from being “normal”.

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Dude great advise. That usually works great for me also.

Meeting a girl since a few months and it is getting more serious every week. I am so nervous when I think about sex, my sleep is getting much worse and I am feeling very anxious. Don’t know what to do. This thought is making me depressive and I know if this would work out 100% I would feel so good.

Until now we had oral sex.