FDA approves new hair loss drug for severe alopecia

Not sure where to post this, thought it might be interesting…

FDA approves first-of-a-kind hair loss drug for severe alopecia

“…The FDA has followed highly promising results from trials demonstrating the hair regrowth potential of a common arthritis drug with a landmark approval, giving baricitinib the green light as a treatment for severe alopecia areata…”

Is it too cynical (and too soon) to create the PBS designation for those with Post Baricitinib Syndrome?

This time it’s an arthritis drug discovered to have benefits for hair loss, compared to fin and its prostate origin.

Yes, I’d bet that 2.2% would fit in here. Jim

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Hmm. I take that back. Perhaps I jumped to conclusions here. In any case… would be better if the article was more honest about what happened to those people.

Interestingly it’s the JAK inhibitor I’ve been prescribed.

Thankfully I’ve stopped taking it but I did notice that my hair was starting to look fuller

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Yay! another approved drug to give pharma some money and people some suffering!


It’s being used for long Covid


Alopecia areata is not male pattern balding and is not DHT/androgen related. It’s just a med to calm your immune system.