Favorite Song/Music Convo

Following the success of “Movies with Mitch” and “Sports with the Lads”, here is your opportunity to interact with others on a musical front.

Whether or not anhedonia has robbed you of your love of music, is there any particular song or performer you would like to discuss?

Some tune that helps you through the dark days of your affliction? Perhaps a song that takes your mind back to better days? Or, inspires you to fight the battle ahead?

Take us on your musical journey…


I’ll start the conversation with a song I have listened to, and enjoyed, through good times and bad:

"Feel Like Going Home" by the Walkabouts.

Originally written by country star Charlie Rich in the '70s, it has also been covered by The Notting Hillbillies with great guitar work by Mark Knopfler. But, this rendition by the Walkabouts is #1 for me!

The lyrics tell of one who is bone tired from life’s battles, and is ready for that final journey home. Sample lyrics:

Lord, I feel like going home
I’ve tried and I failed,
And I’m tired and weary
Everything I’ve done is wrong
Lord, I feel like going home

Lord, I tried to see it through
But it was too much for me
Now I’m coming home to you
Yes, I feel like going home…

I hope you will give this tune a listen, share your opinion. Also, share a song important to you!




Wow, this is an absolutely beautiful song which I first became aware of many years ago when it was covered by Trisha Yearwood and Bonnie Raitt on a British music show called Later…with Jools Holland. I couldn’t find it on Youtube but courtesy of a Google search found it on Vimeo:


Thanks for reminding me of this song and for the link.


Thanks for that link! I too loved the ladies’ version on YouTube until it was pulled. Now I can enjoy it again!

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Thanks for that song, @baitongWu ! Watched the video with grandpa on his scooter, good one!

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I could never pick a favorite song as I listen to too many genres, but here’s a few songs I enjoy for different reasons :smile:


Always liked that Rainbow song, too bad he died so young!
Video for Little Talks was inventive, first time hearing from most of these groups.
Thanks for taking time to share!

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A song I’ve listened to for decades, “Ballad of the Sad Young Men” by Roberta Flack.

This seems appropriate for the members of this group. Sample of the lyrics:

"…Sing a song of sad young men, glasses full of rye
All the news is bad again, kiss your dreams goodbye…

All the sad young men, singing in the cold
Trying to forget, that they’re growing old…"


Led Zeppelin - Stairway To Heaven

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For most of the last two years, part of my anhedonia has affected my joy from music. Music was dead to me.

I did not play any CD or turn on a radio during that time. My wife bought me a new CD player two birthdays ago, which still sits in its unopened box.

But…a month ago I played a song on YouTube that used to be among my favorites. And, I enjoyed it again! (The tune I started this thread with…)

In the last month I have been listening to music again. I have guarded hope that this is a small step into recovery.

Any others in this situation? Jim


Perhaps music anhedonia affects more of us than I thought?

Here is another song for your consideration, “Mad World.” I enjoy this video by Gary Jules.

Sample lyrics:

  • Hide my head I want to drown my sorrow
    No tomorrow, no tomorrow
    And I find it kind of funny
    I find it kind of sad
    The dreams in which I’m dying are the best I’ve ever had
    I find it hard to tell you 'cause I find it hard to take
    It’sa mad world…*


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Fantastic! A fellow Crimson fan!

So many great albums over 50 years…Starless, Lark’s Tongue, Lizard, Red… they have a FB page worth visiting, too. Still touring the world!

“…King Crimson is cited as the first prog band of all time largely because of how eruptively different their debut In the Court of the Crimson King was to other records at the time… (utilizing) long-form suite-composed songs, complex time signatures, orchestral and jazz structures and virtuosic playing…”

Thanks, Jim

Led Zeppelin, what a history making group! I always loved “Since I’ve been Loving You.” Enjoy…


:metal: :metal:

Egoism dictates human relations
A world where fashion outshines morality
Is written in blood red colors
Designed by the thirst for power

Gather the faithful and propose a toast
To the epoch of indifference
Gather the faithful
Gather the faithful and propose a toast
To the epoch of indifference

That’s a new one for me! Have you experienced Opeth or Jinjer?
How is it that metal groups have such foxy lady singers?
A local musician and friend has a YouTube channel you might like:

Yes, both are great bands, I’ve been quite the hyperconsumer of metal in general, especially in the past, and seen a lot of live shows. It’d probably be difficult to find a band that I haven’t heard the name of at the very least. :nerd_face:

Probably black magic! :smiling_imp: :candle:

That’s very cool. Always nice to see people put the work in. Wish I would do more with music myself but I just don’t have the time.

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Not my favorite song but I used to like the positivity of Tubthumping and while I waited two years for a persistent side to clear up I fantasized blasting it triumphantly once it did. But after developing PFS I can’t listen to it anymore…I might struggle to my knees but I doubt I’m getting up again.