Fat malabsorption and associated symptoms

Has anyone been told they are suffering from fat, digestion malabsorption? If so, what effects have you noticed on your body? I took a 72 hour fecal test and fat content was in the high range. I’m starting to notice a change in my nails…they have more lines and are flaky. Since my crash in Jan 2019, I’ve been having high fat stools on a daily basis. Appreciate the help! If you had this same exact digestion problem, how did you fix it? It seems like I’m having an autoimmune reaction to food but it’s not celiac or other IBD type of diseases.

Do your stools float?
What color are they?

Hey; for the most part, yes, and usually light brown/orangish color. I’ve done multiple tests but all docs prescribe me is Imodium which is comical.

Yeah, that sounds like me. I hope this is a low testosterone/estrogen thing that can balance itself out.

Did you do a check for bile insufficiency?

I’ve been diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis, although I hardly have any flare-ups.

However my stools are irregular. I got my GI to do stool fat test and a pancreatic enzyme test (elastane).

I didn’t have abnormal amount of fat in stool, but my elastane amount was low (exocrine pancreatic insufficiency)

Do your stools float?

I have similar issues. Fat and protein malabsorption. Digestive enzymes are supposed to help, but it doesn’t seem to do anything for me.

I’d appreciate any pointers for other things to try.

Have you noticed any improvements in your other symptoms?

How long have you had malabsorption?

Is your situation from PFS or was this an ongoing issue prior to that? Mine started about a month after stopping propecia and all hell broke loose.

Digestive problems started with PFS. Initially, I had pale stools, going several times a day, and felt like food was passing straight through me. Then tried probiotics and things switched instantly to constipation, which is where I’ve stayed. Didn’t get a test for malabsorption until 2016, but I’m 100% sure it started with finasteride.

Enzymes makes stools more regular, but it doesn’t seem to have improved anything else. It still feels like I’m not absorbing nutrients and I can still see white particles in the stool.

@WorriedGuy123 - yes, I’ve had some improvements. Sexually, it’s a mixed bag, but physically and cognitively, I feel like I’ve improved a fair bit. You can check out my member story. M_C's story - 11 years of PFS

I had colonoscopy done but they told me everything was benign in nature. At first I thought I had UC but pathological results were benign minus one serrated adenoma.