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Read that Wayne Rooney (star Manchester United footballer) is taking propecia now, although the report has been latched upon by a load of hairloss blogs/online shops and is possibly public relations bollocks to promote the poison.

Anyway if he gets dropped next season you’ll know why - blog.taragana.com/n/wayne-rooney … ure-63800/

Also crappy reality tv singer Will Young might be paying a visit to Shippen soon.
nowmagazine.co.uk/star-style … r-weave/1/

rooney is an idiot
he could afford the best transplant money can buy
on the other hand if he gets serious sides maybe that will help get the word out

If these people have serious side effects, will they come out and tell the public? It takes a lot of courage to admit you have sexual dysfunction. I made all kinds of excuses for myself before I finally realized I had a problem.

Soccer player Romario uses it too. I found very interesting that he gets very emotional now sometimes, even crying in public. Could that be high estrogen?

Hahaha!! This is so funny :laughing:

He could be using it to mask steroids, I mean he’s in his 40s and has no discernible hair loss so it’s a mystery to be using it for cosmetic reasons, plus I guess the fact he played football into his 40s hints at some sort of illicit medical assistance.

Does anybody know if German league soccer player Robert Enke used propecia?

He commited suicide on November 10. His wife declared he was suffering from depression for 6 years! I just think it is strange for a soccer player to have such a lasting depression, as they exercise so much. He was balding.

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Another suspicious case IMHO:
Bret Michaels, lead singer of band poison. He has been said to be balding (nobody knows as he is always wearing bandanas and hair extensions).
He has suffered a brain hemorrage:
“On Thursday night, Bret Michaels was admitted in hospital after suffering from excruciating headache. However, the hospital name is unveiled. Doctors found that he has been suffering with massive subarachnoid hemorrhage. Subarachnoid hemorrhage is a kind of bleeding from the base of brain stem.”
It seems he is diabetic. Could propecia have worsened it? How long has he been diabetic?
This is pure speculation, but this guy is very worried about his appearance and hair look and i can’t not think that he is or has been a propecia user as this drug is so easily prescribed. Hope he makes a full recovery.

I think Bret has publicly stated he let’s his blood sugar get too high so his sexual performance is over the top. He is a bad diabetic and has been for years.

mumbaimirror.com/article/15/ … ility.html

Very interesting, I wonder how badly he is affected. Sounds like he has adrenal fatigue too.

Do you notice how they wrote it to try and put alot of blame on working out too much? It’s the damn propecia. You can work out all day long and yeah, you’ll run yourself down, but nothing like what this drug can do to you. I found that rather amusing. Media…ugh

In addition, an anti-balding drug has played havoc with Vaid’s system. “There was some hair fall in the front, on the right side. I started taking a drug, which I thought would prevent hair loss.

It worked as well, but my doctors said that this drug too was one of the reasons why my testosterone levels dropped,” he said.

Sexologist Mahendra Watsa corroborated the ill-effects of magic anti-balding pills. “Low testosterone in men is not so common. But yes, drugs associated with hair-fall prevention are often known to directly lead to erectile dysfunction.”

It’s insane how so many doctors still continue closing their eyes to the evidence of the harm propecia do to people. It is unbelievable how FDA does’t make a public warning…



Ben Stiller. Possibly had sides?

hairlosshelp.com/FORUMS/mess … adid=65164

I watched a man u game today and rooney hasnt been playing well…looks like he has lost some confidence. He has way more hair and looks lost as hell in his eyes…he could be on it.

Is anyone following this wayne rooney story?

i can’t see that hes had any regrowth
he might not even be on it anymore


The guy was bald