Faith on science

Following a letter to Dr. Melcangi in which I expose the reasons for my thinking. I am waiting for your cordial reply in the medical prescription. I invite those present to contribute with a good omen assent. I am in the process of proceeding with this unofficial attempt. I can only hope to obtain any permits to begin this simple “therapy”. With esteem and great hope for all of us.

First response: Gentil/() I can’t help you, with control, documentation, etc. because I don’t do clinical activity. Unfortunately, at this time I am not even in contact with clinical colleagues interested in PFS. We have been working only with the experimental model for several years and our latest clinical study (that of the intestinal microbiota analysis) was done directly by us who, as I said, are not clinical, because it was only a biochemical analysis.

Dear Dr. Melcangi As I have seen in these years of illness, hormone levels depend on an increase or decrease in (antibodies / inflammatory agents). In recent years I have been able to realize how much nutrition affects the increase in libido. In particular, the intestinal factor is fundamental for an improvement of all the sides connected to the syndrome. The consistency of the genitals returns to a state of rigidity in the event that the intestine is completely free as in the case of liquid stoolo( In some more difficult cases, intestinal transit does not admit an immediate benefit. If not in the immediate majority). Fasting could be an uncertain solution as in this state the inflammation of the tissues tends to worsen. Since I am certain of this theory I can no longer force my body to such an effort. In contrast to a more careful examination of the medical conditions I have reported with changes in physiognomy: narrowing of the jaw, lowering of the cheekbones and loss of stature, I can conclude that my survival rate is destined to decline more and more markedly. I have a solution that I think is almost certain from a long-term healing perspective. Direct experience with these sides leads me to conclude that if fasting has partly contributed to the partial remission of an unresolved picture, a valid alternative can certainly be a period of parental feeding. The reason for my belief lies in the same intestinal villi that hinder the re-entry of the aforementioned sides. Indeed, the intestinal bacteria themselves involve the immune system which in turn stimulates the production of antibodies. This inflammation is the main reason why a complete remission is not possible. Plus, I can’t prove my point with medical arguments worthy of a medical graduate. Given the time in which I have longed for a remedy and then obtained nothing, I am willing to voluntarily undergo this non-dangerous treatment. Would hospital staff be willing to match this proposal with a view to a certain remission of symptoms? In what must I convince myself so that your most cordial assent to what has been said can be reflected in a concrete proposal for possible therapy? Can I try to practice an attempt at home with the help of a specialist nurse in a context of agreement / (if you allow me) that allows me to take advantage of this solution? An incentive for his research could cost a good gift in terms of a dutiful contribution to our association. If you disagree, could you indulge my intuition in a test of good faith by recommending the necessary precautions to be taken in case of home hospitalization? Meanwhile, I’m undergoing a blood test. Could it accommodate my intention of wanting to conventionally contribute to the health of all my companions by submitting the attempt to medical observation? (If not in a long time). Would it be possible to obtain a certificate of suitability for this possible treatment that I would undergo, in a hospital setting? Regarding the economic contribution, I do not need the willingness to do everything at my expense. Your advance, of a written rule, which allows your patient to make a new attempt in our condition. I look forward to hearing from you. With an attitude of good faith I am willing to greet you and encourage you to keep your spirit of research. With estimates.


@SerVianderscorp It sounds worth a try but unsure if you’ll get the buy in. When did u last get a reply from Melcangi? Is there no way you can get this done elsewhere privately? Not that I fully understand it! By the way my face, cheekbones have collapsed these last few years especially on one side and food has become a major player in symptom activity. Interesting that there is not much between us in terms of Pfs time and that the cheekbone, bone loss and muscle wastage has hit us both in recent years. How are your gums?

In private it would be perfect. The problem is that I don’t have the knowledge to get that recipe because you have to have anorexia nervosa or a gut ulcer or other things that I can’t access. Melcangi’s latest answer was 3 days ago. I thought it was necessary to apply some pressure as the bureaucracy makes everything extremely slow and inefficient.

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I don’t know how you’d access this treatment with PFS not being recognised and mechanisms of cause not being understood either. It’s extremely frustrating especially when a drug put us here in the first place

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