Fadogia Agrestis - A PFS Management Tool?

Hi All,

Does anyone have experience with Fadogia Agrestis?

It’s an OTC supplement that’s claimed to simulate the effects of HCG:

“Although it had been known for ages, our recent rediscovery of Fadogia comes from research on animals that have convincingly shown that fadogia increases mating behaviors and increases testicle size. In blood tests, the animals showed a clear 200% increase in the male hormone testosterone.”

A friend of mine is a bio-chem grad student and he recommended I try this supplement to recover my testicular volume.

He tells me it’s an LH / HCG analogue known to increase testicular volume, sperm quality, and sex drive. I’ve read mixed member posts on HCG effectiveness, and it seems like a tool more than anything else.

Regarding PFS mechanism, some suggest androgen receptors are up-regulated, others suggest there has been damage to 5AR enzyme production, others suggest simply hormonal imbalance. Is it possible the manifestation of PFS depends upon your genotype, and could be caused by any one of these or other theories?

If so, then I’d prefer to think about managing PFS, not “curing” it. Like, crashing your raw: You don’t fix post-hit-a-brick-wall syndrome, you just fix whatever broke when you hit the wall.

So, I’ll be thinking of managing PFS from now on. BUT, maybe there is some standard or small set of generalizable reactions. Idk.

Hey, have you tested this? Did it help?
There is one experience https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qm41Wnuk8hk&t=84s